Can i substitute raisins for chocolate chips?

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So I dove into the archives and found a recipe shared by a bakery for an oatmeal raisin cookie. You can substitute chocolate chips for the raisins if you prefer. Happy baking.

What can I use if I don’t have chocolate chips?

Substitute For Chocolate Chips

  1. You can use butterscotch chips.
  2. OR – Sweetened carob chips which have a slight-chocolate flavor and contain no caffeine.
  3. OR – Use cocoa nibs which have a stronger chocolate flavor and a nice crunchy texture (less sweet).
  4. OR – Vanilla chips which are typically white chocolate.

Are raisins healthier than chocolate chips? For a quick recap of significant nutrients and differences in raisins and bittersweet chocolate: Both bittersweet chocolate and raisins are high in calories, dietary fiber, iron and potassium. Bittersweet chocolate has more pantothenic acid and folate, however, raisin contains more Vitamin B6.

Which has more calories chocolate chips or raisins? Semisweet chocolate has 75% more calories than raisin – raisin has 296 calories per 100 grams and semisweet chocolate has 517 calories.

Why are oatmeal raisin cookies better than chocolate chip? I’ll give the heathens one concession: chocolate chip cookies contain slightly more calories per ounce. Oatmeal raisin cookies also contain half the fat and cholesterol. However, you’re ignoring the real killers: sodium and carbohydrates.

What can I substitute for semi sweet chocolate chips? Add 1 tablespoon of sugar per 1 ounce of unsweetened baking chocolate and substitute it ounce-for-ounce for the semisweet baking chocolate.

Can i substitute raisins for chocolate chips? – Related Asked Question

Can I use regular chocolate instead of chocolate chips?

Fortunately, chocolate chips and chocolate chunks are interchangeable in recipes, so you can use whichever style of chocolate you prefer or simply use up whatever you have on hand without worry.

How unhealthy are oatmeal raisin cookies?

A 4-inch cookie weighing 2.25 ounces has 259 calories, according to USDA nutrition data. That’s over 10 percent of a 2,000-calorie diet in one cookie. As for fat and sugar, your oatmeal cookie will contain between 3.5 and 8 grams of fat, depending on size. More than half of that is saturated fat.

Why are oatmeal raisin cookies so good?

Moist and full of flavor, Oatmeal Raisin Cookies deliver flavor in every bite. The raisins provide the right amount of moisture while the oats trap it inside (while baking up to a textured crisp), so that you have a soft middle and a chewy outside! And when you DO find the right ones, you can start getting creative.

Are oatmeal cookies healthier than regular cookies?

Oatmeal cookies have a high fiber content compared to normal sugar cookies. Oatmeal cookies contain significant amount of minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium, all of which are needed for overall physical health. Compared to sugar cookies, oatmeal cookies also have less calorie content.

Are oatmeal raisin cookies a healthy snack?

They have less calorie content than an average cookie and are literally the epitome of a healthy snack. The raisons add a nice touch of potassium, too. Including oats to your diet is a surefire way to get your dose of fiber, magnesium, iron, zinc, folate, and protein.

Are oatmeal raisin cookies high in fiber?

More Fiber Than Other Cookies

While they vary by brand and ingredients, two oatmeal cookies provides about 1 gram of fiber, versus zero fiber found in sugar cookies. If your oatmeal cookies have raisins, that amount may increase to 1.5 grams.

Are raisin cookies good for you?

A freshly baked oatmeal raisin cookie on a napkin. Cookies aren’t exactly healthy snacks. Although they do provide quick energy and contain some beneficial nutrients, the amounts of saturated fat and processed sugar in most cookies are enough to outweigh their nutritious qualities.

Can you use cocoa powder instead of chocolate chips?

To replace one ounce of unsweetened chocolate, use 3 tablespoons cocoa powder plus 1 tablespoon butter, shortening or oil.

Can you use cocoa powder instead of semi-sweet chocolate chips?

Cocoa Powder to Chocolate Conversion

Substitute for semisweet or bittersweet chocolate (1 oz.): 1 Tbsp. unsweetened cocoa powder plus 2 tsp. sugar and 2 tsp. shortening is equivalent to 1 ounce of semisweet chocolate OR 3 Tbsp.

What is the difference between chocolate chips and baking chocolate?

Chocolate Bars vs.

While the names may be the same, there are slight differences. To help keep their shape, chips have less cocoa butter and contain added stabilizers. While you may not notice a big difference between the two in the texture of a brownie, in sauces and candy making it can greatly alter the recipe.

Can you use chopped up chocolate instead of chocolate chips?

Pushing beyond the bag of classic chocolate chips changes the look, feel and quality of any cookie recipe you already love. Simply put: Chopping up bars of chocolate instead of using bagged chips or chunks takes your baking from average to sublime.

Can you use kisses as chocolate chips?

Can you use Hershey’s kisses instead of chocolate chips? Yes, Hershey’s kisses can be used in place of chocolate chips.

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