How does the wine fairy work?

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A member picks a person from the group at random, pulls together a basket of items and delivers it. Some drop it off under cloak of darkness, while others dress up as fairies or unicorns and “ding dong ditch” their parcels in the light of day.

How do you start a booze fairy? Participants share their addresses (and alcohol preferences) with volunteer group leaders, who then assign them to various other fairies. Each gift basket comes with a new address to deliver to, and thus a fairy is born. Those who are only out for free drinks get their wings clipped quickly.

What’s a wine fairy group? Mysterious groups of do-gooders known as “Wine Fairies” are spreading booze, treats and good cheer across America. The “Sisterhood of the Traveling Wine” leave bottles on the doorsteps of strangers, friends and neighbors, as a way to spread joy during the pandemic.

What is you’ve been wined? A Halloween Themed Booz-y Activity. Every year the fun “You’ve Been Boo-ed” game makes its way through my neighborhood. Usually a family creates a fun Halloween themed basket and leaves it on the porch of an unsuspecting neighbor with instructions that they must now “Boo” someone to keep the game going.

What is a booze fairy? A visit from a “booze fairy” – a kind of adult tooth fairy who leaves alcohol and other treats instead of money, no tooth loss necessary. Booze Fairy groups have popped up across New Jersey as a way to spread cheer and break up the monotony of quarantine.

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