How to substitute coconut water?

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If you are making a smoothie that calls for coconut water, there are a number of substitutes you can use that taste great. You can use infused water such as birch water, watermelon water, or maple water. You also can go with a coconut milk, almond milk, or oat milk.

What can be used instead of coconut water?

The Best Substitutes For Coconut Water In Drinks

  • Birch Water.
  • Maple Water.
  • Watermelon Water.
  • Aloe Vera Juice.
  • Make Your Own With Shredded Coconut And Water.
  • Make Your Own Nut Water With Almonds or Hazelnuts.
  • Make Your Own With Coconut Extract, Almond Extract, And Water.
  • Combine Coconut Milk With Water.

Can you use water instead of coconut water? While coconut water is lower in sugar than other juices and probably fine as a treat from time to time, it still contains unnecessary liquid sugar and calories, so I would recommend sticking with plain water for both rehydration and everyday drinking.

Is Banana equal to coconut water?

Coconut water has signficantly less calories than banana – banana has 89 calories per 100 grams and coconut water has 18 calories. For macronutrient ratios, coconut water is similar to banana for protein, carbs and fat.


Coconut Water Banana
Carbohydrates 95% 93%
Fat ~ 3%
Alcohol ~ ~

How do you make coconut water? Cut the coconut meat into two inch pieces. Cut enough to measure approximately a half cup. Place the coconut meat into the blender or Vitamix container, add the filtered water, and blend. Voila, you’ve made your own coconut water!

Which is better coconut or banana?

Coconut is high in calories and banana has 75% less calories than coconut – coconut has 354 calories per 100 grams and banana has 89 calories. For macronutrient ratios, banana is much heavier in carbs, much lighter in fat and similar to coconut for protein.


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Banana Coconut
Alcohol ~ ~

How to substitute coconut water? – Related Asked Question

Do people drink coconut water straight?

Coconut water is a sweet, translucent fluid that you may drink straight from young green coconuts. It comes naturally within the fruit and is referred to as the liquid endosperm ( 2 ).

What happens if you drink only coconut water?

Coconut water is LIKELY SAFE for most adults when consumed as a drink. It might cause fullness or stomach upset in some people. But this is uncommon. In large amounts, coconut water might cause potassium levels in the blood to become too high.

Can I make coconut water from coconut flakes?

Place coconut flakes in a high-speed blender. Pour hot water over the coconut flakes and allow to sit for about 2 minutes to soften. Process coconut flakes and hot water until the mixture is white and creamy. Make sure to keep the blender lid on top of the blender so it doesn’t pop open.

Can I drink coconut water everyday?

Are there any risks from drinking coconut water every day? You may be wondering whether or not it is good to drink coconut water every day. For the general population, coconut water is generally considered safe to consume and provides a delicious source of natural electrolytes.

Is coconut juice the same as coconut water?

Coconut water is the clear fluid inside coconuts. It’s not the same as coconut milk, which is a blend of coconut water and grated coconut. So coconut water is a type of juice. Unlike other juices, unflavored coconut water is low in sugar and calories.

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Is coconut water salty?

Coconut water fresh from the coconut is salty and vaguely sweet, but it also has an extremely earthy undertone that makes it taste unpleasant to some people – kind of like dirty sock water.

Is coconut water healthy?

Coconut water is a delicious, electrolyte-filled, natural beverage that may benefit your heart, moderate your blood sugar, help improve kidney health, and keep you refreshed and hydrated after a workout.

Is coconut water high in potassium?

Coconut water is low in carbohydrates and sodium and rich in potassium, which is not exactly what athletes need when exercising rigorously, says Clark. “Whether you choose a sports drink, coconut water, or plain water, they all work to keep your body hydrated.

What are the disadvantages of coconut water?

Disadvantages of Drinking Too Much Coconut Water:

  • It Is Not The Ideal Drink For Athletes.
  • Not Good For People Vulnerable To Allergies.
  • Possesses Diuretic Properties.
  • Might Cause Electrolyte Imbalance.
  • Might Act As A Laxative.
  • May Increase Blood Sugar Levels In Some.
  • May Lower Your Blood Pressure Too Much.

Can coconut water lose weight?

Coconut Water For Weight Loss

For all those looking to lose weight can have coconut water. Coconut water is low in calories and easy on stomach. It is packed with bio-active enzymes that are known to ease digestion and boost metabolism. The higher the metabolic rate, the more fat you burn.

Can diabetics drink coconut water?

While it is beneficial to one’s general health, coconut water has shown to be an excellent beverage for Diabetes. According to research published in the Journal of Medicinal Food, coconut water aids in the treatment of Diabetes.

What happens when you drink coconut water for 7 days?

Coconut water eliminates toxins from the body and breaks down kidney stones. As a natural diuretic, it’s really helpful for those of you who have kidney disease. It cleanses the urinary tract, as well as bladder channels too, so after a week you may find yourself feeling a lot more healthy and energetic.

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Is drinking coconut water the same as drinking water?

While coconut water is low in calories, rich in potassium, and fat and cholesterol free, the evidence that it is actually better than plain water for simple hydration is unfortunately lacking. Compared to typical sports drinks, coconut water has fewer calories, less sodium, but higher amounts of potassium.

Can I drink milk after coconut water?

A. I would suggest not to mix them as it could possibly impact digestion. Try to give coconut water which is not salty but sweet in attractive colorful sippy cups. He may like it then.

Can you substitute coconut milk for coconut water?

You cannot substitute one for the other!

You cannot substitute one for the other. Why? Coconut milk is thicker and higher in calories than coconut water. Get this: coconut water has 50 calories per cup, but coconut milk has a whopping 500 calories per cup.

Is coconut water and milk the same?

Coconut milk and coconut water are beverages made from the Cocos nucifera plant, otherwise known as the coconut palm. Coconut water is a clear, fat-free liquid that is a ready-to-drink beverage, while coconut milk is a processed beverage.

Can you use coconut milk to make coconut water?

Buy a coconut and extract the liquid yourself. OR – For 1 cup coconut water needed you can combine 1/2 cup coconut milk mixed with 1/2 cup water.

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