How to substitute rice malt syrup for sugar?

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To replace the sugar in a biscuit or cookie recipe, for every 110g (½ cup) to 165 g (¾ cup) of sugar used, replace it with about 115g (⅓ cup) rice malt syrup and reduce the liquid slightly if there is any, or it may be necessary to increase the dry ingredients slightly — again, use your intuition.

Can you substitute rice syrup for sugar? The same applies to white granulated sugar—3/4 cup sugar for 1 cup of brown rice syrup—though switching from a liquid to dry sweetener can change the consistency of the food.

Is rice malt syrup better than sugar? Rice malt syrup is a sweetener made from brown rice and is recommended for those looking to reduce their fructose intake. It is also a good option for vegans who want to avoid eating honey. However, rice malt syrup has a higher glycaemic index than sugar, honey, and maple syrup, along with a much higher price tag.

What can you substitute rice malt syrup for? The best baking substitutes for rice malt syrup are molasses and corn syrup. The best topping substitutes for rice malt syrup are maple syrup and agave syrup. Healthy alternatives for rice malt syrup include artificial sweeteners, honey, and barley malt extract.

Is rice syrup the same as sugar? It is much higher than table sugar (GI of 60–70) and higher than almost any other sweetener on the market. If you eat rice syrup, then it is highly likely to lead to rapid spikes in blood sugar. Brown rice syrup has a glycemic index of 98, which is higher than almost every other sweetener on the market.

Is rice malt syrup OK for diabetics? Rice Syrup (aka Rice Malt Syrup) Some fans and manufacturers also say that it is a “complex, slow-digesting carbohydrate with a low glycemic index and is suitable for people with diabetes.” It is not. It has a high glycemic index of 98, as you would expect with a maltose-based sweetener (maltose has a GI of 105).

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How to substitute rice malt syrup for sugar? – Related Asked Question

How do you use malt sugar?

While its best known use may be for roasted meats and poultry, it is also used extensively in Chinese baking (mooncakes, breads, and pastries) and candy making. However, we tend to use it rarely in our baking and dessert recipes, instead preferring to use ingredients more readily available to home bakers.

How do you use rice malt syrup in baking?

If you are baking a cake, rice malt syrup is best used in combination with apple puree. Replace the sugar in an average cake recipe (one serving 6-8, with around 220 g (1 cup) of sugar) with 115g (⅓ cup) rice malt syrup and 150g (½ cup) puree.

Which is the best substitute for sugar?

6 best alternatives to sugar

  1. Xylitol. Xylitol is a sugar alcohol that is extracted from corn or birch wood and has a sweetness very similar to sugar. …
  2. Stevia. …
  3. Monk fruit sweetener. …
  4. Coconut sugar. …
  5. Honey. …
  6. Maple syrup.

Can you replace golden syrup with rice malt syrup?

One of the next best alternatives for golden syrup is brown rice syrup. It’s made from brown rice (sorry, probably an obvious one!), specifically by cooking it and then breaking it down into a sweet liquid that’s then reduced further. It has a light amber colour and a slightly nutty flavor to its sweetness.

Can you substitute honey for rice malt syrup?

Substitution Quantity: Honey is sweeter than brown rice syrup, therefore, use ¾ cup of honey in place of 1 cup of brown rice syrup.

What does malt syrup do in baking?

It is a sweet syrup, rich in maltose that can be used directly as yeast food. It also delivers that malty flavour, and by raising sugar levels it ensures bright crust colour because the yeast will not have had time to eat all the sugars present, and plenty will be left to caramelise in the crust.

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What can I use in place of barley malt syrup?

If you’re looking for a good substitute for malt syrup, there are several available options. Honey, brown rice syrup, molasses, maple syrup, Korean rice syrup, and even sugar can all be used as replacements in just about any recipe calling for the sweetener.

Is rice syrup and rice malt syrup the same?

Also called rice syrup or rice malt syrup, brown rice syrup is a sweetener derived from brown rice. It is made by fermenting brown rice, breaking the starches down with certain enzymes, and then reducing the substance until it reaches a syrup-like consistency. Broken down, brown rice syrup is basically pure glucose.

Is tapioca syrup healthy?

Tapioca Syrup as a Healthy Alternative to Sugar

Its crisp, sweet taste can also be a healthier alternative to sucrose, honey, molasses, maple syrup, and corn syrup. Additionally, tapioca syrup is odor- and flavor-free which makes it ideal to use as a binding agent in processed meats to keep them fresh.

Is rice malt syrup Keto friendly?

Rice Malt Syrup

It contains complex carbohydrates, maltose and glucose. As with all nutritive sweeteners, they are not suitable for a very low-carb diet and also, there is a controversy regarding the safety of rice malt syrup, as it may contain potentially harmful levels of dietary arsenic.

Is rice malt syrup better than honey?

Other than an efficient source of energy, rice malt syrup is the perfect sweetener for those following a low FODMAP diet (often for fructose intolerance), and unlike honey, is suitable for vegans. It is gluten free and contains no artificial colours and flavours so it is ideal for our natural nutrition approach.

Is malt good for diabetics?

In fact, malt is actually classified as an added sugar. This means it can be harmful in high amounts and can increase the risk of chronic conditions like obesity, diabetes and heart disease if consumed in excess.

Is barley malt syrup better than sugar?

Barley malt also contains maltol, considered an antitumor, and it is low in calories: it contains about 300 calories per 100 grams of product, while normal sugar contains about 392 calories per 100 gr, it is therefore indicated for those who follow a low-calorie diet.

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How much malt do I substitute for sugar?

Substitute 1:1 for honey, molasses, sugar and other sweeteners. When substituting for sugar, other liquid ingredients should be reduced by 1/4 for every cup of malt used.

Is malt syrup the same as corn syrup?

While golden syrup comes from sugar cane, and corn syrup obviously comes from corn, malt syrup comes from barley — an unusual source for a not-so-sweet sweetener commonly found in baked goods and breakfast cereals. Malt syrup is produced using a process called malting.

Is barley malt syrup sugar?

Barley malt syrup is 65 percent maltose, a sugar that enters the bloodstream more slowly than simple sugars. The malting process also increases the levels of B vitamins in the product, and it contains trace amounts of some minerals.

Is rice malt syrup healthy?

On the plus side it contains no fructose or sucrose, and must consequently be regarded as safer than high fructose corn syrup or ordinary sugar. It is not suitable for diabetics and care needs to be taken to avoid excessive consumption. No, it’s not healthy.

Can I substitute rice syrup for corn syrup?

Considered to Be a Great Alternative to Corn Syrup

Corn syrup and rice syrup have similar sweetness, consistency, and effect in food, which is why they’re often interchanged in recipes. Their only difference is that rice syrup doesn’t contain the same nutty flavor found in corn syrup.

Which is better brown rice syrup or agave nectar?


While the caloric count of brown rice syrup is similar to agave syrup, agave is close to three times as sweet as brown rice syrup, so one can use much less agave to achieve the same level of sweetness.

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