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Things You Should Never Put In The Microwave

Things You Should Never Put In The Microwave

Reheating cooked potatoes can lead to ingestion of a dangerous bacteria which cause a potentially fatal illness called botulism

Rice in the microwave could lead to food poisoning

Boiling eggs in the microwave could cause them to explode quicker than it can cook.

Heating water in the microwave could cause it to become dangerously hot

Chinaware could contain metal that becomes dangerous when heated in the microwave

Bread can become dry in seconds if defrosted in the microwave

Cooking chicken in the microwave is never a good idea, Undercooked chicken can cause salmonella food poisoning

Red pasta sauce isn’t dangerous in the microwave, but it can be messy

Mushrooms can be covered in bacteria once they’ve been cooked

Styrofoam packaging can become toxic if you heat it in the microwave

Fries can lose their texture and flavor when heated

Using the microwave for processed meat can lead to a dangerous combination as they are full of preservatives, the radio waves can create products that stimulate cholesterol oxidation.

Frozen fruit could become dangerous when it’s defrosted in the microwave, rays can turn those nutrients into carcinogens, which are believed to cause some forms of cancer

Vapor released by hot peppers in the microwave can quickly cause irritation when opening the microwave door and can irritate your eyes, nose, and mouth.

One-time use plastics most likely aren’t microwave-safe, they could release harmful chemicals or even melt if put in the microwave.

Travel mugs are mostly made from metal and are, therefore, dangerous, most of them are made from stainless steel, which definitely isn’t microwave-safe.

Plastic wrap can release harmful chemicals when heated  such as toluene, benzene, and xylene

Grapes can explode if they get too hot avoid that so you don’t have to clean up any mess.

Aluminum foil can cause dangerous fires if heated in the microwave cause fire hazard and one that should never be tried.

Leafy greens might actually spark if you heat them for too long This can then lead to fires if the sparks continue to fly while heating.

Chinese takeout containers can often contain hidden metal handles. this is metal, and so shouldn’t go anywhere near your microwave.

Paper bags can quickly catch fire in the microwave, radio waves could cause the paper to catch fire. This could then lead to your entire microwave to catch fire.

Raw peanuts need to have their shells removed before they’re safe to microwave, need to remove the shells first. Only then will they be safe to pop in the microwave.

Social media might have started the dangerous microwaving CDs trend, it can cause sparks to happen, which can quickly start fires.

Thin glass can be potentially dangerous when it gets hot, Thin glass can explode in a microwave once it’s hot, shattering everywhere and potentially ruining your microwave.

Adult beverages are a lot more flammable than other liquids, it becomes a fire risk on microwave.

Batteries should never be anywhere near microwaves. Just a few seconds in the microwave can completely destroy a battery and potentially also your appliance.

Using a microwave to defrost meat could cause it to melt unevenly it can stimulate the growth of bacteria in the meat. This could then lead to illnesses such as food poisoning.