What is a thermomix advisor?

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Our advisors shares the benefits of cooking with Thermomix® at cooking sessions in our cooking studios or in the homes of people who are interested in learning more Thermomix®. These sessions take place only at the request and invitation of the host, and there is no hard sell.

What is a Thermomix consultant? According to Grace Mazur, the founder and owner of Thermomix in Australia, the consultants are key to Thermomix’s sales process. “We are selling a service and when customers purchase the Thermomix we adjust to the customers needs,” Mazur says. “Our consultants can guide the customers to a solution.”

What does a Thermomix friend do? Thermomix Friend is a cooking companion for your Thermomix. It is designed to cook with the Thermomix® TM6 and TM5. The Thermomix Friend operates on reverse and up to speed 2, in the temperature range of 37°C to Varoma, and with a cooking time of up to 2 hours.

What are the benefits of being a Thermomix consultant?

What are the benefits of being a Thermomix® Consultant?

  • Self-satisfaction of running your own business.
  • Flexibility.
  • Support and Community.
  • Learning new skills including becoming an expert Thermomix® superuser.
  • Two income streams – Thermomix® and TheMix Shop*
  • Leadership opportunities.

How do you earn a Thermomix? When you join, you’ll need to pay a $840 deposit towards your new Thermomix TM6, and separately purchase a Business Kit. Your TM6 will be provided to you at the start of your 60 Day Program to get you selling straight away. Close 6 sales and your new TM6 is yours to keep.

Do professional chefs use Thermomix? Still, it has some utility to the professional cook. Brian Lockwood, chef de cuisine at Eleven Madison Park in New York, uses a Thermomix in the restaurant kitchen for every service, though certainly not to replace the team of chefs working the line.

What is a thermomix advisor? – Related Asked Question

Can you deep fry in a Thermomix?

No. The TM6 is not designed for making popcorn or for deep-frying food. While the TM6 can actually reach a maximum temperature of 160°C/320°F, we ONLY allow this with the Guided Cooking feature (i.e. in a controlled environment) for safety reasons.

Can you use the Thermomix Friend alone?

While your Thermomix® works efficiently on one side, you can use the Thermomix Friend® on the other side for cooking, simmering, and stirring the ingredients to get them ready to incorporate when needed.

Does Thermomix Friend work with TM5?

Double up on the wonders of Thermomix®

The TM5 can also easily be used with the Thermomix Friend® once configured manually.

What can the Thermomix TM5 do?

right? Here are the major tasks the Thermomix says it can do: mix, steam, blend, weigh (there’s a built-in scale reminiscent of a smart kitchen scale), stir, grind, whisk, emulsify, simmer, knead, cook and chop.

How do I get a free Thermomix?

Everyone has only a chance – when you sold 6 units of TM6 within 90 days, you will receive a FREE Thermomix.

How much does a Thermomix service cost?

If your Thermomix is no longer under warranty, a service will cost $135.00 inc GST, plus additional parts if required, and includes the following: Return postage to and from your nearest service centre. Repair of service code or mechanical repair*

How long has Thermomix been around?

German innovators, Vorwerk first created Thermomix in 1971. They have continued to improve its functions and performance, transforming it into the model we know today.

How much commission does a Thermomix Consultant get?

Consultants. Thermomix consultants operate on a commission basis earning $220 per appliance, rising to as much as $380 per machine after five or more sales per month.

Is Thermomix a MLM?

While MLM and network marketing are a form of direct sales, not all direct sales systems involve MLM. For instance, in the Thermomix transaction, which I would call single-level marketing, the sales agent is only paid a commission on the sale they personally make – i.e. a sale of a Thermomix.

Is Thermomix worth investing?

The big sticking point for almost everyone thinking about a Thermomix is the price. It’s $1,500. It’s worth it, though, even if you have to scrimp and save. (For those of you who are thinking of the much-cheaper Instant Pot Ace, another blender that cooks, let that thought go.

What is the best thing to cook in a Thermomix?

10 Best Thermomix Recipes

  • 1 – Butter Chicken. “Quirky Cooking is one of the country’s most popular Thermomix blogs. …
  • 2 – Thermomix Fried Rice. Another much loved recipe by Jo at Quirky Cooking.
  • 3 – Naan Bread. …
  • 4 – Quinoa Tabbouleh. …
  • 5 – Caramel Slice.

What appliances does a Thermomix replace?

The Thermomix can cook, boil, simmer and stew, chop and mince meat, nuts, herbs and vegetables, blend, make yoghurt, mill rice, nuts and grains into flour, grind coffee, sugar and nuts, knead dough, whisk, grate, puree and crush. It can replace pretty much every kitchen gadget you own.

Is Thermomix available in USA?

Where can I buy a Thermomix® in the US? The Thermomix® smart kitchen appliance is sold exclusively through independent consultants in the United States, so you have personalized support to get to know your new smart kitchen appliance!

What is the current Thermomix model?

The new Thermomix TM6 model is a smart, connected appliance where you can enjoy step-by-step guided cooking directly on the screen of your Thermomix. Use your touchscreen to control time, temperature and speed using manual mode. The TM6 has its WiFi connectivity built in.

What does a Thermomix TM6 do?

What is the Thermomix TM6? It’s actually pretty hard to define but this impressive kitchen appliance replaces over 20 appliances in one compact unit. It can blend, steam, emulsify, stir, chop, mix, weigh, grind, whip, heat, knead, slow cook and much more, all with just one blade.

How do I connect to friends on Thermomix?

You can connect/pair the Thermomix Friend® directly to your Thermomix® TM6 via Bluetooth®.

  1. Activate the Bluetooth® function under ‘Settings’ on the Thermomix® TM6 and switch on the Thermomix Friend®.
  2. When the Thermomix Friend® appears on the list of devices on TM6, tap on it to pair.

How do I turn friends on Thermomix?

You can connect/pair the Thermomix Friend® directly to your Thermomix® TM6 via Bluetooth®.

  1. Activate the Bluetooth® function under ‘Settings’ on the Thermomix® TM6 and switch on the Thermomix Friend®.
  2. When the Thermomix Friend® appears on the list of devices on TM6, tap on it to pair.

What is blade cover Thermomix?

The blade cover is used to protect softer ingredients, or sous-vide bags, from coming into contact with the moving blades of the mixing knife. This clever accessory covers the blades without preventing stirring, resulting in even heat and gentle cooking.

How much does Thermomix cost in UK?

In the UK, the Thermomix TM6 costs £1099 and in the US $1499.

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