What is precious metal for mgsv?

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What is the use of precious metal in MGSV? Precious metals can be processed a maximum of 250 at a time offline. They are highly valuable and can be sold for 1,000 GMP each. Three red containers (1500 total) can be found in Nova Braga Airport but are indoors and require the Wormhole Fulton to extract.

Is Metal Gear Solid 5 hard to platinum? The platinum trophy for this game, one of the easiest for the series, entails completing the main missions multiple times, as well as hunting down collectibles and managing the off-shore military unit known as Diamond Dogs. Overall, it’s a real completionists’ game, with a platinum time running upwards of 150 hours.

What is the hand of jehuty? The Hand of Jehuty is a high-level upgrade for Snake’s Bionic Arm in MGS5. It grants players the ability to ensnare an enemy from a short distance and teleport them to their location, and can be upgraded for improved functionality.

How do I get biological material MGSV? The Hand of Jehuty is a high-level upgrade for Snake’s Bionic Arm in MGS5. It grants players the ability to ensnare an enemy from a short distance and teleport them to their location, and can be upgraded for improved functionality.

How do I get fuel in MGSV? Either in the field or from enemy FOBs. Send your staff out on online missions and exchange MU points for some fuel resources. Choose waters for your own FOBs depending on wich resources you’d need the most. Also upgrade your FOBs base development platforms to get more resources more quickly.

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How do you infiltrate an FOB?

Useful Items in FOB

  1. On your way to the core, set traps around corners (claymores, stun and smoke mines) to slow down potential pursuers.
  2. Even though non-lethal weapons are the best course of action, always make room for one with live rounds, for dealing with security devices.
  3. Always use Noctocyanin.

Are there missable trophies in Metal Gear Solid 5?

You can’t miss anything. Prepare to die of boredom. Like previous replies stated already, there’s no achievement you can miss in this game.

How do you get platinum in death stranding?

  1. Homo Faber (Bronze): To unlock this trophy you need to fabricate all weapons and equipment in the game and equip them at least once. You also need to drive every vehicle in the game at least once.
  2. Greatest of Great Deliverers (Platinum): You unlock the Platinum trophy by unlocking every other trophy in the game.

How do I get the wormhole Fulton?

The Wormhole device can be built after completing Side Op 50: Capture the Legendary Jackal and meeting the development requirements below. Extract personnel / containers from any location (even indoors). Fulton device cannot be shot down.

How do you unlock capture the legendary Ibis?

Mission 49 – Capture the Legendary Ibis

Availability: This mission should automatically unlock with your progress in the main storyline and by completing other secondary missions.

Where is the legendary gunsmith?

The “legendary” gunsmith can be found at the northern side of Bwala ya Masa. The target has three extra bodyguards with him in addition to the fact that the village itself is crawling with guards.

What is security challenge fob?

You challenge people to raid your FOB. People who invade you through Security Challenge will not trigger a blockade, and it makes your FOB a bit more visible. It will also instantly alert you when someone attacks.

How do I get a transportation specialist?

The Transportation Specialist can first be obtained in Mission 10 Angel with Broken Wings. Head towards Lamar Khaate Palace on the second floor near the broken piano is where you’ll find him.

How do I unlock side Op 50?

In order to get it you must beat side op #50 “Capture the Legenday Jackal”. This side op only becomes available after completing story mission 31. If it doesn’t show up after mission 31 right away it’s because only a limited amount of side ops can be active per area at the same time.

How long does it take to process materials MGSV?

At its highest level, your base will process materials for you in about 10 minutes of game time, versus the hour or so it takes when you first start.

Where can I find fuel resources in mgs5?

Run to the area where the Metal Gear, Sahelanthropus, is being held and there should be some Fuel Resources crates located inside the facility. Without the Wormhole Fulton, players would be unable to extract the crates, but thanks to the magic of teleportation they can.

How do I get more resources in Metal Gear Solid 5?

Mission 5 is probably the first mission where you can farm resource containers. This mission brings you to Wakh Sind Barracks, where you’ll find some containers in the lower section, where the road runs through the place. Make sure you clear the area of enemies before extracting them.

Does your birthday affect Death Stranding?

The general consensus is that it doesn’t really do anything meaningful so you won’t have a better or worse experience whatever date you pick. However, you will get a special birthday cutscene on whatever date you choose.

How long does it take to 100 Death Stranding?

When focusing on the main objectives, Death Stranding is about 40½ Hours in length. If you’re a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 113 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Is there a difficulty trophy in Death Stranding?

Okay, so the simple answer here is no, there is no trophy on the list that says that you need to beat the game on any specific difficulty mode, but there is a trophy called “Growth of a Legend” that involves playing the game on hard mode in order to work your way to unlock it.

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