What is special about jersey royal potatoes?

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Jersey Royal potatoes have a distinctive flavour that is slightly nutty, earthy and sweet, and, with their firm but creamy texture, they are a real treat.

What makes Jersey Royal potatoes special? Jersey Royals have a distinctive nutty flavour, making them the most sought-after new potato. Their firm texture makes them ideal for salads. Our Jersey Royals are also washed and packed on the island, to ensure they reach you as fresh as possible.

Why do Jersey potatoes taste different? Jersey Royals (never call them Jersey Royal potatoes) are still grown on small plots in much the way they have been grown for the past 120 years, using local vraic seaweed as a natural fertiliser, which adds to the taste.

Why are Jersey Royals so tasty? You know summer’s almost here when supper is served with a bowlful of steaming-hot Jersey Royal potatoes topped with melted butter and fresh mint. These kidney-shaped new potatoes have a wispy skin and gain their unique, sweet, nutty taste from the light soil and mild climate of the Channel Island.

What type of potato is a Jersey Royal?

The Jersey Royal is the marketing name of a type of potato grown in Jersey which has a Protected Designation of Origin.

Jersey Royal.

Potato ‘Jersey Royals’
Species Solanum tuberosum
Variety International Kidney
Cultivar ‘Jersey Royal’
Origin Jersey

Are Jersey Royals good for you? Jersey Royal Potatoes are famous for being the UK’s favourite new potato and are renowned for their unique taste, flavour, and delicate skins. However, not only do Jersey Royal Potatoes taste fantastic, they are also incredibly nutritious.

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How do you keep Jersey Royals?

When it comes to Jersey Royals you should store them in a cool, dark place as putting them in the fridge turns the starch to sugar, making them lose much of their signature flavour. Simply wash off the excess dirt from the potatoes rather than peeling or scraping them.

When can you buy Jersey Royal potatoes?

Jersey Royal potato season usually runs from March through to July, with the peak of the season being in May, when Jersey can export as much as 1,500 tonnes of potatoes per day.

Can Jersey Royals be grown anywhere?

The International Kidney potato is the variety which, when grown on Jersey, is more commonly known as Jersey Royals. International Kidney can be grown anywhere in the world with the correct conditions however Jersey claims to have some very specific conditions which make potatoes grown on their soil very special.

Why are Jersey Royals so called?

“They are exactly the same as Jersey Royals, they taste the same except these are harvested in November, December. “They were named after the Benest Variety [of Royal] which was taken over 80 years ago by Jersey people,” said Francois.

How do you grow Jersey Royal potatoes?

Jersey Royals are planted by hand, taking special care to make sure that the shoots are placed uppermost to ensure even and early emergence. The earliest outdoor fields planted are the very steep south facing coastal slopes called côtils.

How do you steam Jersey Royals?


  1. Pour a layer of boiling water in the bottom of a pan.
  2. If using a tiered steamer, place the Jersey Royals in the bottom layer and add any softer spring vegetables in the upper layers.
  3. If you don’t own a steamer simply place the potatoes directly into the water, ensuring they are only half covered by the liquid.

How do international kidney potatoes grow?

Dig a trench 8 – 13cm (3 – 5in) deep adding a general purpose fertiliser to the bottom of the trench. Plant the potato tubers in the trenches about 30cm (12in) apart, being careful not to knock the shoots off the tubers, and keeping the shoots facing upwards. Then lightly cover with soil.

What is the best potato to grow?

Best 11 Potato Varieties to Grow at Home

  • Red Pontiac. …
  • Rio Grande Russet. …
  • Magic Molly. …
  • Masquerade. …
  • Princess Laratte. …
  • Purple Majesty. …
  • Swedish Peanut Fingerling. This heirloom fingerling type has waxy, firm yellow flesh and a rich flavor. …
  • Yukon Gold. You’ll be sure to strike gold with this super-popular golden yellow cultivar.

Are Jersey Royals the same as new potatoes?

What varieties are Cornish New potatoes? Jersey Royals are all the same variety – International Kidney – which was created back in 1880 and they are typically grown as a New potato.

Can you freeze Jersey Royal potatoes?

Cook the potatoes in a large pan of boiling, slightly salted water for 15-20 minutes until tender. Drain, then crush roughly with a fork. Leave to cool, then spoon into bags or a suitable container and freeze.

Are new potatoes healthier than old potatoes?

“New potatoes offer some vitamins and minerals, however, because they haven’t fully matured, new potatoes have less nutritional value than their fully-grown counterparts.”

Can you buy Jersey Royal Seed potatoes?

Unlike other common varieties of potatoes, clean, virus-reduced Jersey Royal seed is not available ‘off the shelf’. The Jersey Royal has to manage all of its own seed stocks, and in order to create a rolling 9,000 tonne seed stock it has taken 6 years to develop.

Are new potatoes better?

They are lower in starch compared to their mature counterparts and keep their shape well when cooked, which makes them especially well suited to room temperature preparations. Potatoes are typically one of the most economical foods you can buy, and the same goes for new potatoes.

Do you scrub Jersey Royals?

As they’re young little things, Jersey Royals have delicate skins which just need a scrub, not a peel. Keep them in a cool, dark place (like the fridge) in their paper bag. Jersey Royals are best cooked simply, as they have an almost nutty flavour.

Can you freeze cooked Jersey Royals?

Can you freeze Jersey Royals? Not ideally – but, if you find you have many left over after cooking and you feel you must freeze, when you unfreeze, slice, mix with a generous slug of olive oil and some sea salt, maybe some herbes de Provence, and fry.

How long does it take to boil Jersey Royals?

Bring to the boil and cook for 12-15 minutes until tender.

Do Aldi sell Jersey Royal potatoes?

The Jersey Royal Company Jersey Royal New Potatoes 1kg | ALDI.

Which supermarket is selling jersey royals?

Jersey Royals will be on sale in selected Morrisons stores from Thursday 26th March. Our Grocery Managers in each store are available for photography opportunities to illustrate the arrival of the Jersey Royals in each local town and county.

Are Jersey Royals in Sainsburys?

This year, Sainsbury’s will be the first major retailer to kick off the prestigious and long awaited Jersey Royal season with potatoes available earlier than expected in selected stores from Wednesday 8th March.

Is there a shortage of Jersey Royals?

After witnessing the driest spring in 34 years Britain has been left with a shortage of Jersey Royal potatoes. The Channel Islands, the only place in the world where Jersey Royals can be grown, received a quarter of the expected rainfall between March and May.

What type of potato is kestrel?

Kestrel potatoes, botanically classified as Solanum tuberosum, are a hybrid white potato variety and are members of the Solanaceae or nightshade family along with eggplant, tomatoes, and peppers.

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