What to substitute for sour cherries?

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What can I use instead of dried sour cherries? Raisins, dried currants, dried cranberries, and any other dried berry can be substituted.

Can sweet cherries be substituted for sour cherries? For this cherry pie filling recipe, you can use either sweet cherries for a sweet cherry pie or tart cherries for a sour cherry pie. As you’ll see in the recipe, the only difference between them is the amount of sugar and lemon juice.

What’s a good substitute for cherries?


  • What is Cherries? A small, round stone fruit with juicy, sweet and sometimes tart flesh. Cherries vary in color from light yellow (Royal Ann) to dark ruby red (Bing). …
  • Substitute for Cherries. Plums, apricots, or nectarines.
  • Equivalents. 1 lb unpitted cherries = 1 3/4 cups pitted.

What are sour cherries for baking? Montmorency, Morello, and Balaton are all sour cherry varieties. They’re usually soft, and smaller than sweet cherries. Some are sweet-tart, others are so sour your cheeks pucker. Use them to bake pie, crumbles, compotes, salsas, and to top yogurt.

Can I substitute dried cherries for dried cranberries? Tart dried cherries are a great substitute for dried cranberries. They are tart but not too tart making them a perfect balance for sweet desserts and baked goods. You can use dried cherries in any of your favorite recipes that call for cranberries.

What to substitute for sour cherries? – Related Asked Question

Are dried cherries sweet?

Grown in the Pacific Northwest, Meduri Farms dried infused sweet cherries are rich with flavor and visually present the natural color of dark sweet cherries. Slightly sweetened cherries are the perfect complement to spices, chocolates, nuts, and grains.

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Are Bing cherries the same as sour cherries?

Montmorency tart cherries, also known as sour cherries, are bright red when harvested, and they retain that bold color when dried, frozen or juiced. While there are several varieties of sweet cherries, the most common is Bing. These fresh cherries are quite dark – sometimes almost purple or black.

What are jarred sour cherries?

Sour cherries. (Okay, so they usually come in a glass jar, but it’s the same idea.) Sour cherries are a variety of cherry that are, as their name suggests, tart and sour. Like their sweeter counterparts, sour cherries are only around for a couple of months in May and June, when we fill our tote bags with them.

How do you make sour sweet cherries?


  1. Add pitted cherries to large saucepan.
  2. Stir in sugar, vanilla, lemon juice and pinch of salt.
  3. Bring to boil, reduce to medium heat and simmer for 7-8 minutes until cherries release all their juices.
  4. Taste and add more sugar if you like sauce a bit sweeter.

How many cherries make a cup?

Typically a serving of fresh or frozen cherries is about one cup (21 cherries). For dried cherries a serving would be half a cup. A serving of strawberries is approximately one cup as well. This is about eight medium size berries.

Can you use fresh cherries instead of glace cherries?

So if you’re decorating a cake that will be eaten fresh, you can substitute glace for fresh cherries. Do not, however, use fresh cherries in a recipe that calls for glace cherries if the end product will sit around for days or weeks, such as a Christmas cake, as the fresh cherries will go off.

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How many cups is a pound of cherries?

One pound of sweet fresh stemless cherries with pits yields about 3 cups. Once you remove the pits, the larger size sweet cherries yield between 1.5 to 1.75 cups. One cup fresh, sweet Cherries weighs about 5 oz (140 grams).

What can I do with tasteless cherries?

Cut the fruit into wedges, stew them in a sweet syrup (amysarah suggests, for flavorless apricots, using apricot nectar), and then eat as is, or purée the mixture and use it as a sauce on cheesecakes and custards or shake it into cocktails! Or cook the wedges down into a compote.

What do sour cherries taste like?

Sour cherries have a tart flavor generally considered too sour to consume straight, out of hand, but the tangy fruits are well suited for preparations with added sweeteners. Despite their acidic nature, some cultures in Europe and the Middle East enjoy eating the fruits fresh.

What kind of cherries do you use for baking?

Most popular types of cherries for baking

  • Glace cherries. This type of cherry is excellent for decorating pies, tarts and sponge cakes, glace cherries are also used in ice cream. …
  • Amarena cherries. …
  • Maraschino cherries. …
  • Liqueur cherries. …
  • Cherries in syrup. …
  • Drunken cherries.

Can you substitute cherries for cranberries?

There’s not a direct substitute for fresh cranberries, but you could make a relish or chutney using a combination of fresh cherries and pomegranates, as well as a small amount of dried cranberries or dried figs.

Can you use Craisins instead of cranberries?

Yes, Craisins® Sweetened Dried Cranberries work well in baked goods, however, there is a 1/4 cup (60 mL) difference in measurement. If a recipe calls for one cup of fresh cranberries you should use 3/4 cup (175 mL) of Craisins®.

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How do you reconstitute dried cherries?

Reconstituting Dried Cherries

For every 2 cups of dried cherries (any variety) use 1 cup of water. Combine water and cherries into a saucepan. Bring your water to a boil, then turn the heat to a simmer. Let cherries simmer (stirring constantly) for 10 to 15 minutes (or until plump).

What do dried cherries taste like?

Most dried cherries you buy in the store are sweetened to taste like candy, but these cherries were just dried in their natural state and had the most amazing bright tart and just-sweet-enough flavor.

Are dried cherries sweet or tart?

Sweet cherries are often eaten fresh as a snack. They are mostly sold fresh in supermarkets during the summer, and are harder to find when out of season. Tart cherries, on the other hand, are often dried, pressed into cherry juice or concentrate, or frozen and can be easily found and enjoyed year-round.

What is a dried up cherry?

Dried cherries are a type of dried fruit. They consist of cherries which have been subjected to a drying process.

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