Where is godwin precious metals?

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In the Senior Mage Quarters there is a closet that can be activated. Godwin is hiding in this closet and will come out to speak with the Warden.

Where can I find Godwin? During Uldred’s rebellion, Godwin hid from the battle in a closet. He can later be found in the Apprentice Quarters near the children. If the Warden sided with the mages, he can be found on the second floor, in the Senior Mage Quarters.

Where is Rogek? Rogek is a casteless dwarf. He is located in the Dust Town and works as a lyrium smuggler.

Where is slim Couldry? Slim Couldry can be found in the Denerim Market District.

What helps Zerlinda? If there is a chantry in Orzammar as part of The Chant in the Deep quest, the Warden can talk to Brother Burkel to give work to Zerlinda, food and shelter for the boy or accept her son as a ward. Zerlinda can also be advised to leave for the surface where she can have a normal life.

Where is Sten’s sword? Found in Dwyn’s chest at his home in Redcliffe Village.

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How do you get a Chantry in Orzammar?

It is located in the Orzammar Commons next to Tapster’s Tavern after completing The Chant in the Deeps quest. Note: After completing “The Chant in the Deeps” the Warden] must leave the Commons then come back for the Orzammar chantry to be available.

Where is Alistair’s sister?

He’ll then ask you for your help in finding his sister Goldanna. In order to locate the woman you’ll have to travel to [Denerim – Market district] and to find a building marked on your map as [Goldanna’s house] (M64, 3). Listen to a short conversation with Alistair and then enter the building to talk to her together.

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How do you harden Alistair in Dragon Age Origins?

(Optional, Story Consequences) Harden Alistair with the following sequence:

  1. Respond “Everyone is out for themselves …” to trigger the hardening dialogue in a subsequent conversation.
  2. Raise Alistair’s approval to Friendly or Adore, if not already there.
  3. Chat with Alistair.

How do you convince ARL Wulff?

While the Arl is furious when he learns that her Avvar lover was the cause of her kidnapping, he can be persuaded to accept their union if convinced of the benefits of marriage ties to a large Avvar hold, especially during a time of blight.

What does the name Zerlinda mean?

z(e)-rlin-da, zer-li-nda. Gender-Neutral Names. Origin:Mexican. Meaning:beautiful dawn.

Why does Sten have no horns?

Sten was originally intended to have horns, along with all other Qunari characters, like the race design of Dragon Age II. This was cut due to graphical issues.

Where is Flemeth Dragon Age?

She first appears in the 2009 novel The Stolen Throne as the Witch of the Wilds, a notorious sorceress who resides in the Korcari Wilds region within the Kingdom of Ferelden in the world of Thedas, and provides conditional aid to the novel’s main characters when they pass through her territory.

Where is Orzammar in Dragon Age Origins?

Orzammar is a great thaig and one of the two remaining dwarven kingdoms in Thedas. An underground metropolis, the thaig is located deep beneath the Frostback Mountains and was once the capital of the dwarven empire.

Is Bhelen or Harrowmont better?

Harrowmont is the better man (or dwarf, I guess) as a person, but he is detrimental to Orzammar and the dwarves. He’s cleaner and less dirty, but he is not a good candidate for King. Bhelen is a dirty swine, but he is very beneficial to the town and the lower class dwarves.

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Where is Helmi?

She is encountered in the Royal Palace at the The Nobles’ Feast during the Dwarf Noble Origin.

How do you harden Alistair and Leliana?

Only two companions can be “hardened”: Alistair and Leliana. In both cases it is done via dialogue after their companion quest (Alistair’s Family and Leliana’s Past respectively) is finished.

Should I choose Alistair or Anora?

Those who harden Alistair in his personal quest also argue that he becomes more competent, but unlike Anora, he has a stronger moral compass. Anora is more brutal, as she will want to execute Alistair when she becomes Queen. Alistair does not feel right in killing rivals and instead imprisons her in a tower.

How do I keep Alistair a GREY warden?

You also have to convince Alistair to perform the dark ritual with Morrigan otehrwise one of you will die fighting the archdemon. That is the only way to get Alistair to stay in the Grey Wardens, all other methods have him become king, be executed, sacrifice himself or leave the wardens and becomne a drunk in Kirkwall.

What happens if Alistair is hardened?

Alistair will become more assertive and self-confident. He will put his sense of duty above his personal feelings, and therefore become more willing to be king.

Can I romance Alistair as a mage?

No, you can’t. When you try to use the Coercion Option “I’ll rule with him” on the Landsmeet, he will tell you that people won’t accept a Circle Mage as Queen, so if you make him King, he will bump you after the Landsmeet. You can only marry him and become Queen-consort if you are a Female Human Noble.

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Can Unhardened Alistair become king?

Alistair can become king hardened or unhardened.

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