11 Worst Toys You Should Keep Your Kids Away From

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The holidays are fast approaching and along with that comes a wish list full of toys from your kids. Unfortunately, some of these toys should be nixed before you ever leave for your shopping trip. These toys are dangerous and a large percentage of kids have been seriously injured or even killed with some of the toys on our list. Keep your kids safe and discuss with them the reason you’re not going to be purchasing these particular toys this holiday season. It’s all fun and games until somebody loses an eye and that’s exactly why this first list of toys are not wise to purchase for your kids this season.

1. Jarts.

You know those throwing implements with the pointy ends that you used to throw from across the yard to see who could throw theirs the farthest or hit the target. These haven’t been manufactured in a long time but there are still a few available in thrift stores and the like. Sharp pointy ends can hit an eye and take the eye out or cause other serious harm or injury.

2. Swords.

Toy swords incite young gentlemen into mock battles and during these mock battles youngsters may inadvertently hit an eye and take it out.

3. Small Bouncy Balls.

These are dangerous for several reasons. Young children put things into their mouths all the time and could easily choke on these. Children can also get hit in the eye and suffer severe visual damage or the loss of an eye. Just be careful when using bouncy balls with children.

4. Water Balloon Launchers.

The velocity of a water balloon launched in this fashion could reach up to 66 miles per hour. If that hits an eye it’s not a pretty site.

5. Pool toys.

These can present another potential risk for children. Inflatables that float on top of the water can easily tip over and trap a young child underneath or drag the child into the deeper end of the pool. Unless you’re going to be able to closely supervise your child, avoid this type of pool toy.

6. Refrigerator Magnets.

Frequently these are in the form of the alphabet. These present the risk of choking and if swallowed they can twist the intestinal tract or damage organs. They have in a few cases even caused death. Avoid these until the child is older and always make sure that the small magnetic piece is fully enclosed so that there is no potential for it to fall out and be swallowed.

7. Trampolines.

If you don’t have the mesh casing around your trampoline, don’t let the kids on it. Always supervise children on trampolines, if young children are caught in the mesh they could choke, be strangled or suffocate.

8. Small Hammocks.

If the hammock doesn’t have a stabilizer bar, children can become tangled up in it and either strangle or suffocate.

9. Pogo Sticks.

Children love to jump and jump high. Pogo sticks that are “super pogos” can give children the ability to jump higher than average pogo sticks. The higher the child jumps on the pogo stick the more dangerous it is as they can quickly lose control of their stick and fall and injure themselves or catch their heads on something that is closer than they anticipated it to be.

10. Scooters.

Scooters should be treated just like a bicycle or roller skates. If using one, children should wear helmets at all times as well as elbow and knee pads. Children can easily lose control of a scooter and flip over the top or flip off of the back of the scooter. Every year there are hundreds of scooter injuries and deaths. If your child has a scooter teach them the proper safety precautions and make sure they follow them each and every time they ride a scooter.

11. Skateboards.

Just like scooters, skateboards are dangerous. With nothing to hold on to your child can quickly lose control and be propelled into space. It’s the landing that’s the worst. Injuries and even death can rapidly follow a skateboarding accident. Again, teach safety precautions when using this toy.

Please know that any types of toys your children are playing with need supervision. Don’t be afraid of buying them, but use precaution and your best judgement on what kind of toys your children are old enough to use.

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