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How To Quit Drinking Soda

How To Quit Drinking Soda Read Post »

One of the assignments in my nutrition class last semester was to make an 8-week behavioral change related to my diet. Immediately, I knew what I wanted to change: no more soda! Growing up, my mom only let me drink soda as a treat. I liked it, but I didn’t crave it. Even in college, […]

Homemade Whitening Toothpaste

Homemade Whitening Toothpaste Read Post »

What? Whitening? That toothpaste looks BLACK! Yes, it’s black. Yes, it also WHITENS your teeth! After a while, all the coffee/tea/kombucha, etc that we drink will start to slightly stain our teeth. Personally, I rather enjoy those beverages, and don’t feel like they have a negative enough effect on my health to cut them out

The 12 Dirtiest Foods

The 12 Dirtiest Foods Read Post »

Do you really know what you’re eating? Do you know what the twelve dirtiest foods are? Do you wonder if organic is really worth it? Do you have a lot of questions about how to start eating healthier? But you just don’t know where to start? It all seems so expensive and you can’t afford

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