16 High Blood Sugar Signs and Symptoms to Watch Out For

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Symptoms to look out for that you may have diabetes.

1. Fatigue and Hunger

The food that you eat is converted into glucose which your cells use as energy but to do this your body needs insulin according to WebMD if the cells resist the insulin the energy cannot get to the cells this means that you have no energy

2. Frequent Urination

The average person urinates four to seven times a day in a 24-hour span WebMD states that this occurs because diabetes pushes your blood sugar up the kidneys may not be able to bring the blood sugar down so the body needs more fluids which leads to more urination

3. Weight Loss

The Mayo Clinic states that when you lose sugar from frequent urination you also lose calories also diabetes may prevent the sugar from your food from reaching your cells together both of these can cause weight loss.

4. Dry Mouth

When you urinate your body uses a lot of fluids so if you’re urinating frequently there is less moisture for other things this can cause you to dehydrate and you may have a dry mouth according to WebMD.

5. Blurred vision

High levels of blood sugar can take fluids from certain tissues your eyes included the Mayo Clinic indicates that if left untreated diabetes can cause new blood vessels to form in your retina and damage established vessels

6. Cuts are not healing

High blood sugar can affect your blood flow over time WebMD mentions that this can cause nerve damage which makes it hard for your body to heal wounds.

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7. Tingling in the hands and the feet

The Mayo Clinic indicates that excess blood sugar can cause nerve damage nerve damage can cause tingling and pain in the hands and the feet.

8. Dark patches of skin

Everyday health indicates that acanthosis nigricans which is a skin condition that creates dark patches of skin commonly on the neck or armpit is a sign of diabetes.

According to the CDC 30 point 3 million of the US population has diabetes this includes 23.1 million who are diagnosed and 7.2 million who are undiagnosed the CDC also states that 33.9 % of the u.s. population has pre-diabetes with that said it’s important to recognize the early symptoms of diabetes.

The difficulty is that most early symptoms of diabetes can be so mild that people just brush them off the issue with this is that when they finally get the problems it’s usually caused by long-term damage.

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