Alert! This Mixture Can Break Your Car’s Windscreen In Seconds.

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Can a mixture of table salt, and saliva break your car’s glasses? Let’s find out below.

Polite Reminder; This demonstration should serve as a clear confirmation that you shouldn’t leave any valuable item in your car. Here’s the video below.


This video has been heavily circulating online claiming to show and pass a warning message that burglars can use the regular table salt and saliva to break windscreen glasses.

From this video, the demonstration is real. However, the circulating claim that the guy used salt is a pure hoax.

Read below to understand the trick.

About This Video
The controversial video here shows a handcuffed thief showing a cheeky trick of breaking car’s windscreen. In the procedure, he takes a pinch of table salt, then wets it with saliva in his mouth. After that, he throws the mixture to the car, near him.

What follows is the windscreen shattering. He then applies just a little push, and the whole windscreen is down so he can proceed on and pick items in the car.

Unfortunately, hundreds of people who have seen this video online believe that you can break a car’s windscreen with just table salt and the saliva. Here’s the caveat; the substance you see in the video is not table salt.

If you keenly watch the video, after the man has thrown the mixture, the glass drops off. This confirms that the claim of using table salt isn’t valid.

Check out the next page for demonstration video showing the exact procedure and the real materials used.

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