Banana Peel Fertilizer Benefits and Uses.

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Making of the banana peel fertilizer.

To make the banana peel fertilizer, one is required to have the following;

  • Banana peels
  • Water
  • Quart Mason jars
  • Plastic Mason jar lids
The following simple steps are required to make a banana peel fertilizer.

Step 1. 

Add the banana peel in each of the two jars
One is required to add the banana peel in the jars. It is essential if you cut the banana peels into smaller pieces to increase the speed of the process.

Step 2.

Add water to the jar.
In each of the two jars, add water up to a level where the water fully covers the banana peels. Seal the jar and let it sit for a week before putting it on the plants. After about one week, the banana peel fertilizer will be ready for use. Therefore by considering the steps involved, you realize that making this type of fertilizer requires straightforward steps, and anyone can make it.

How to use the fertilizer

Once you have prepared the banana peel fertilizer, it’s now the time to use your fertilizer.

The banana peel fertilizer is beneficial in a variety of vegetables and fruits; you can use this fertilizer to grow tomatoes, peppers melons, and many more plants since its the best fruit fertilizer. The fertilizer is useful as compared with the other human-made fertilizers because they contain nutrient in unlimited quantities and go straight to the roots. Therefore by considering the above-discussed information about the banana peel fertilizer, it is clear that for the best nourishing of your plants, the banana peel fertilizer is the best option for you to fertilize plants.

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