This Bracelet Will Shock You Every Time You Do Something You’re Not Supposed To

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Are you tired of fighting to lose weight, knowing full well that your diet is to blame and struggling to correct the challenges?

Does fast food make up a large percentage of your daily diet, partially because of its convenience, and partly because that’s just what you’re craving?
Now, there’s a product on the market that can help you kick those cravings and remind you of how to meet your goals.

The Pavlok Bracelet

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The Pavlok bracelet, which is now available on Amazon, is designed to help nip bad habits in the bud and encourage people, through negative reinforcement, to develop more positive habits. When you download the app, it allows you to set your personal goals. The app has several bad habits, including nail biting, already included, and will automatically zap you if it believes you’re committing those actions (though unfortunately, it won’t help you much with your fast food eating habits, as those hand movements tend to be much like the ones for eating any other food).
You also have a couple of other options: let your friends also download the app, delivering timely zaps if they catch you overindulging in fast food; or press the button on the device yourself, delivering a shock when you indulge in fast food. Over time, the pain response–delivered at, according to the manufacturer, about the same shock as walking across a carpeted floor in socks, then touching a metal doorknob–will help condition you to hesitate before you overindulge.

How to Get Started

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First, set your goal. You could, for example, want to stop eating fast food altogether, or you might want to eat fast food only once per week. If your goal is to simply “reduce fast-food consumption,” you may need a more specific goal–after all, if you don’t know exactly what you want, you may not know how to decrease that response!

Next, check the app. If it has a program already in place for your goals, put it into place. If it doesn’t, be prepared to help yourself along that bad habit-breaking journey.

Bring your friends in on your plan. For this, you’ll need good friends who don’t think it’s fun to randomly shock you. Let them know that you’re trying hard to break a bad habit and that you could use their help. Encourage your friends to use their app to shock you if you’re engaging in the bad behavior–in this case, eating too much fast food. Any time they catch you with fast food, they can deliver that shock.

Finally, commit to policing yourself. If you catch yourself swinging through a fast food restaurant to pick up a burger and fries, deliver that shock to yourself before indulging.

Over time, you may find yourself entirely pleased with the results, especially as you develop a better understanding of exactly how the app works. It’s time to break that fast food habit once and for all–and Pavlok can help you get there.

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