Do you ever see your child in this position? Stop that immediately!

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This attitude can be very harmful!
Small children sit in the most crazy positions: with the feet under the buttocks, in the cross-legged pose or on the crouch. You have probably seen your child in the W posture, also called the reverse cross-legged pose.

Many children find the W posture a very pleasant and comfortable posture to sit in when they are playing. This way they can easily reach their toys and it gives them stability and balance. The W posture is also known as the reversed cross-legged pose. Here children sit on the floor or on the tire with their legs in the shape of a W. The knees are bent and the legs are turned and turned away from the body. Unfortunately, this attitude is not good for your child at all and you must immediately stop him or her when you see this. Read why on the next page.

The attitude can result in health problems in the short and long term. The attitude is detrimental to the development of the child and can lead to health problems. The posture is damaging to the hips, knees and ankles and slows the growth of muscles and a stable core. It is not necessary for a child who is in this position to tighten the abdominal muscles to sit up straight, so that they are not trained. Strong abdominal muscles are very important in later life and affect the stability and coordination ability.

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