Don’t Put Ice In Your Drinks At Kfc, Mcdonald’s And …. You’ve Been Warned

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The Daily Mail released a report by a BBC Watchdog group about the presence of fecal matter in ice machines at some fast food restaurants. See, disturbing, right?!

Several restaurants reportedly failed a random ice machine test when the coliform bacteria was found growing inside! The presence of the bacteria is evidence that fecal matter was once present in the machine. Want to know which restaurants failed?

Burger King, McDonald’s, and Kentucky Fried Chicken were among some of them. The BBC group found that seven out of ten KFC’s failed this test. To make matters worse, the contamination in five of those seven machines was classified as ‘severe.’

Of course, KFC responded to the report saying they have strict procedures for cleaning the ice machine – but it would seem like those procedures were not being followed. McDonald’s issued a similar statement and added that they would review their food safety guidelines.

Both McDonald’s and KFC claim that their restaurants earn high scores during independent hygiene ratings. In 2010, in Virginia, 90% of ice fountains had coliform bacteria in them, and even the soda dispensers were below U.S. drinking water standards.

Makes you want to stay out of any fast food restaurants! The study indicated that the E. coli found in the soda machines were unlikely to cause any harm – unless you have a compromised immune system. That doesn’t make me feel any better.

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