Empty More Than 9 Kilos Of Waste (FECES) With A Single Teaspoon Of This Mixture

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Every third person suffers from constipation these days. Moreover, many babies are also suffering from this unpleasant issue.

We have a sensation of pain and heaviness in the stomach when se suffer from constipation. In this case we are full of feces, which is not very healthy! This issue can be treated by takings some drugs, or some natural remedies.

Today we will present you an amazing remedy that will effectively eliminate all those stools accumulated in your intestines.

The colon occupies to facilitate the process of digestion is it very important to keep the health of this organ.

We actually suffer from dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, lack of appetite, stomach pain, weak immune system, inflammation of the abdomen, constipation, headache, bad breath and tiredness when the colon is dirty!

We must purify this organ in order to improve its function and keep its optimal health!

Here is the best natural laxative that will do wonders to your colon and body:

Raw honey (optional)
1l of water
1 lemon
2 tbsp of aloe vera gel


Make a freshly quizzed juice from the lemon
Extract 2 tbsp of aloe Vera gel by opening the aloe vera stalk with a soup spoon
Place two glasses of water, lemon juice and aloe vera to the blender
Mix it well and then the rest of the water
You can sweeten it with a tsp of honey if you do not like the taste

Consume it on an empty stomach and eat after 30 min. consume another glass 30 min after each of the following meals.

Put this recipe into practice and enjoy your health like never before!

Via home remedies garden

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