Her Brother Gets Pat Down At Airport Security As She Fires With Comeback Leaving Everyone In Laughter

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When two-year-old Mila Stauffer and her family left their home in Arizona and set out for Michigan, she had no idea that things could get so complicated once they entered the airport! The family of seven rarely gets to do anything without drawing attention to themselves and going through the airport was no different.

Maneuvering five children through the baggage check was one hurdle they were able to overcome. But when it was time for the security checkpoint, little Mila wasn’t having it…

The moment the Stauffers returned home, Mila needed to vent about their TSA experience. Looking into Mom’s camera, Mila explained that the long lines, pat-downs of her brother and lack of accessible bathrooms are all something she didn’t prepare for!

She couldn’t believe their experience! She just had to share!

Traveling is hard as an adult, but being patient in a winding security line as a toddler is something that was practically unimaginable! Poor little precocious Mila had no patience for any of it!

Mila went on and on with her explanation as to why airport security was the worst and Mom did her best not to giggle. This sassy little one is definitely full of spunk!

She didn’t have a problem with speaking her mind! Mom was wise to videotape her testy testimony and share it with the world where she has since gone viral.

At the end of the video, Mila looked into the camera and said that she’s done with TSA and “never again” will she go through that type of experience. We beg to differ, little Mila!

Sadly, if Mila ever wants to fly again, she’s probably going to have more encounters with the TSA. We’ll be ready and waiting to hear her future reports!

Thankfully Mom was able to capture every moment of this pint-sized rant and decided to share it with the world. We’ve seen Mila go off on different topics before, but this is the most relatable by far!

Take a peek at her hilarious TSA rant for yourself in the video below. She’s just too darn funny!

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