Here’s how to identify RICE that contains Plastic! Everyone should know this!

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China is the largest producer of rice in the world and it is a fact everyone knows. It produces over 200 million tons of rice annually. Numerous markets around the world sell a great part of this rice, but, besides the nowadays modern times full of fruits and vegetables abundant in chemicals and pesticides, a new “The Korea Times” report claims that Chinese rice is actually an artificial product made of plastic! This terrifying information has started spreading everywhere, so in our article we’ve decided to inform you how to identify rice that is actually plastic!

They make this type of rice by mixing potato starch with plastics which is then formed into rice kernels and steamed with a rice aroma. Doctors have already investigated it and they are now warning that only 3 portions of the fake rice contain more plastic than a little plastic bag, which is quite alarming!

Here we’re presenting you some cheap and easy tricks that will help you identify plastic rice!

The water method

Pour a tablespoon of fresh rice in cold water and observe: if the rice stays at the surface, it’s definitely fake!

The fire test

Lit some of the rice you bought using a lighter. If it burns and smells like plastic, throw it away immediately!

The mortar and pestle test

Crush several rice grains with the help of a mortar and pestle. If they’re reduced to white powder, the rice isn’t fake, but, if you see a light-yellow discoloration in the mortar, it’s fake for sure!

The mold test

This is the best way to identify rice! Put a handful of cooked rice in a container and leave it in a warm place for 2 days. If the rice becomes moldy after 2 days, then it’s organic. Plastic rice will be free of mold after 2 days!

So, the following time you buy rice, try these tricks and identify it for yourself! You’ll definitely know what you and your family are eating!

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