Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar

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Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the easiest things to make for your pantry. Here is what you need to get started.  Wide mouth jar.  I usually do 2 quart jars.  Fill free to use half-gallon or even a gallon jar.  Apple scraps.  The peels and core of the apples. Cheesecloth or I use a cotton dish towel that is cut in half.

After you have made that fresh apple pie, apple crisp, apple muffins, I could go on and on.  You want to keep all the apple scraps and let them turn brown.  Make sure you have enough to fill your jar or jars.

Add scraps to your jar and fill with water.  Cover the jar with the cheesecloth or piece of cotton towel .  Screw the band without the lid to the jar.  Don’t turn it upside down, it will come pouring out.  PUT THE JAR IN A WARM, DARK PLACE.

After couple weeks you will see a thickening and the top of the apples will start to mold and look disgusting.  THIS IS GOOD!  Your apples are starting to ferment.

I let mine ferment for 3 months, sometimes longer if I forget about them.  That is okay, it will only get stronger tasting.

Strain the apple scraps.  Toss them to your chickens or put them in the compost.

Do a second strain with your cheesecloth or cotton towel.  You can see all the little stuff that was missed with the first strain.

Now go back up and look at the first picture with all that beautiful apple cider vinegar in the red bowl.  The liquid will be cloudy.  This is good and is called “THE MOTHER”  Good stuff.  If you don’t like it cloudy just keep straining until the apple cider vinegar is clear.  Personally I want all the good stuff so I don’t do anymore straining.

Congratulation! you have made apple cider vinegar.  Take a teaspoon everyday and your heart burn will be no more.  (Spoken from experience)

Sharing is caring!

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