How Do You Make A Homemade Pesticide?

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One of the first things I wanted to do when we acquired our house was to establish a HUGE garden. But I did not have to spray my food with pest spray which (allegedly) helps to keep the garden free from pests like spiders, beetles, buns, and mice. We also had a tiny spider problem because we kept our windows open, but I didn’t really want to spray the chemicals on the inside, which visitors or pet paws were able to contact and harm the chemicals.

I already knew that pest spray was dangerous for pets and humans alike. When the box says it is hazardous to humans and animals it really concerns me about what is actually IN the product and why I have considered using it in the past! You know what is even more concerning to me? When popular brands such as Ortho don’t even list the ingredients on the label, or have so many poison control warnings that everything simply says “danger! danger!” .

Enter in essential oils to save the day!

There are two things I know work well as a natural pest deterrent, peppermint and vinegar, and when combined, they work miracles!

The recipe is so easy for this (like every essential oil recipe I share!).

Combine 1 drop of Peppermint oil to every ounce of vinegar.

Shake before each use!

Note: Do not use vinegar apple cider, white vinegar only. The scent of ACV is fruity and fruit is loving, and if you use it, you can inflict further injury!

Look, easy! I spray this around my garden’s perimeters (even on plants! Don’t be stupid and spray on plants like me!, vinegar is a plant killer! I learned this after coming out to find my lettuce dead the next day!) to keep pests from munching on more of my plants, and around windows and Indoors and outdoors to prevent inside and out bugs! Mosquitoes also hate peppermint, so this spray is great at keeping those blood suckers at bay.The smell of vinegar is strong in this recipe, but since I use it mostly outside I don’t mind it. I also am currently obsessed with diffusing Purification oil and Citrus Fresh oil around the house to keep things smelling fresh, so I hardly notice the vinegar smell when I spray it around doors and windows.

Essential oils are truly amazing alternatives to every day harsh chemicals and products. I replaced all of my cleaners with my all-purpose thieves cleaner and haven’t regretted it since. Everyday I’m finding more things in my everyday (especially beauty) routine to replace with oils. If you’re interested in living the oily life then be sure to head over to my Essential Oil page to get 24% off of everything you buy when you sign up as a distributor (with no obligation or requirement so sell anything!) and purchase the best deal in town, the Premium Starter Kit which contains the oils in this recipe!

Sharing is caring!

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