How To Attract Finches To Your Backyard

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The Beauty of seeing YELLOW in your backyard! These are the most favorite birds to feed in your backyards.

Finch Eating Seed From Plants

There are 4 species of the Finch:

  • American Goldfinch – Primarily found in North America and Canada.
  • Lesser Goldfinch – Their range is primarily Southwestern United States into the South
  • Lawrence’s Goldfinch – Is in California, Baja California and Arizona
  • European Goldfinch – is widespread in Europe, Middle East and southern Australia

These sweet little birds may be widespread but they usually stay year-round in their territory, though some do migrate. Their songs, bright beautiful colors, very distinctive song, feisty fun acrobatic antics and oh their healthy appetites of weed, seed and other flowering perennials make them a want to have visitor in backyard birding enthusiasts. They can be elusive to attract even in the most backyard bird friendly environment.


FOOD: Finch Tube Feeder

Goldfinches exclusively feed on seed and grains. They are NOT an insect eating bird. They also do not feed their young insects they feed them regurgitated seed from seed-bearing flowers, like your Cone-flowers, Sunflowers, and other familiar native blooms. Be sure to have a garden full of these to attract droves of goldfinch to your backyard.

These bird will also readily feast in your backyard if you offer Finch Friends 5 lbs. + Frt sunflower seed hearts, FRESH nyjer (if you see the goldfinches not coming around anymore freshen up your nyjer seed)

These birds are so agile that they also love the feeding socks Finch Magic Thistle Sack White and tube feeders. Tray feeders are also a good choice to attract these feisty little ones. They feed in flocks SO have multiple feeders and seed that they enjoy. This will encourage them to stay close by allowing you hours and hours of entertainment.

TIP: Be sure to place your bird feeders no more than 5-6 feet away from a tree or shrub. This will allow the finch to feel safe eating and watching out for predators.

Hanging Bird Bath: WATER

The Goldfinch will easily and often stop by a bird bath or two in your backyard. The Shimmering Fountain Funny how some have their favorites if you put out choices of bird baths for them. They will sip or bath vigorously so be sure that the basin is shallow to allow the small bird easy access. A dripper or fountain will attract these birds with the splashing sound. the bird bath should be cleaned regularly to avoid spreading diseases. This could kill an entire flock!

SHELTER: Crabapple Tree

Dense trees and shrubs are shelter of choice. If you add thorny bushes this allows an extra layer of protection for these guys from those nest stealing bandits.

The prime backyard for their shelter is a mix of deciduous and coniferous. This is a mix of trees that shed their leaves at the end of a season and the coniferous are plants/shrubs/trees that have cones and needle leaves. If it is hard for you to have the type of shelter they like, you can always build a brush pile although the sparrows will house this more than the goldfinch.


Goldfinch are not your bird house nesting birds. They prefer the shrubs and thorny bushes to create a nest in amongst the protection of the shrubs. However, to help them stay close by, supply them with downy plants like dandelions and thistle. You can also supply them with natural cotton nesting material. Best Nest Builder This will encourage them to stay Nesting Material in your yard as well. The Goldfinch typically have their young later in the season, so when you see your other backyard bird species taken off and their young are gone don’t be to quick to pick up your nesting material this is when the goldfinch is getting ready to have their brood.

Be sure to protect the fluffy material from summer rain showers. The Goldfinch will be more attracted to the fluffy stuff.

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