How To Best Freeze Bacon for Easy Later Cooking

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I couldn’t even guess how many times I have wanted a couple slices of bacon to add to a recipe and faced having to defrost a large package of frozen slices to get the several I needed. I have tried wrapping a few slices in individual plastic wrapped packages…which works OK… but I usually don’t and instead just stick the whole thing in the freezer. It comes down to either defrosting the whole package or leaving the bacon out of the recipe. This nifty kitchen tip solved that problem and I can now defrost exactly the number of slices I need. These little roll-ups defrost quickly and can be chopped while still frozen. How convenient it that!

Like almost everybody I love good bacon. My favorite is Fletcher Applewood Smoked Bacon from Costco. It is sold in two 2-pound packages which isn’t a problem when I can freeze individual slices and use just what I need. There’s never any waste…no bacon gets lost in the back of the fridge and has to be tossed out. I don’t eat bacon that often, but now when I want it I always have a good supply in the freezer.

This tip is so simple. Just roll up the bacon slices, place them on a baking sheet, and freeze them. Once frozen they can be placed in a zip lock freezer bag and put back into the freezer. They don’t stick together and you can remove only what you need. Pretty smart!


Sharing is caring!

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