How To Fix A Hole In Knit Fabric Without Sewing

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We’ve all been there…. you reach into your closet for your favorite knit shirt and find a hole torn in the fabric. (Say it with me: “AWW MAN!!”) Sometimes you’re lucky and the hole is on the seam, in which case you can just sew the seam back up. But unfortunately, knit fabrics are especially delicate since they stretch and can come undone with just one snag on your purse zipper. So when the hole is in the middle of the fabric, your sewing kit is no use.

Luckily, there’s a fix for these holes that easier than sewing, and it’s sure to save your favorite shirt from the donation box for at least a while. That fix is fabric glue. There are many brands of fabric glue, but I like to go with Liquid Stitch, which you can buy at JoAnn Fabrics. It’s a permanent adhesive that doesn’t wash out, so it can be used to mend seams and create hems. I also like to use it to fix holes and create a lock on fraying fabrics so that they don’t tear further.

Fixing holes in knit fabrics with fabric glue is very simple:

1. Flip your piece of clothing inside out…

2. Apply some fabric glue to a Q-tip.

3. Apply the glue all around the hole.

4. Pinch the fabric together.

5. Let the glue dry.

6. Once the glue is dry, apply one more layer of glue over the mended hole for good measure.

And your favorite shirt is fixed! Easy, right??


Sharing is caring!

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