How to Pan Sear Rib Eye Steak

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Have you ever wanted to have restaurant quality seared and juicy steak at home? Here is how to pan sear rib eye steak like a pro – in your own kitchen. Moist, delicious and super flavorful, you’ll wow your mouth (and maybe your significant other)!

The easiest way I know to pan sear a steak is with a 12 inch cast iron skillet like this one from Lodge. You want something heavy that can take the heat and that can put the beautiful crust on your steak.

Heat your pan on medium high. Let it sit there and get hot for a few minutes.

While your pan is heating season your steaks with coarse sea salt and coarsely ground pepper. That’s it – that’s all you need. Oh, except for the butter, you always need butter.

Add 4 Tbsp. of butter to your hot pan – yes, really, add 4. Swirl it around a little and let it melt.

Add your rib eye steaks to the skillet and DO NOT TOUCH them. Seriously, don’t touch them.  (The steaks in this recipe are about one inch thick.)

Set the timer for 4 minutes – and walk away. I know you want to get your tongs out and fiddle with those babies. I’m telling you don’t do it!!

When your timer goes off turn the steaks over. Set the timer again for 4 minutes – and walk away! Don’t touch them again. (I know it’s agonizing!)

These are supermarket steaks so I cook them for about 8 minutes total to get the perfect medium rare steak. If you want them a little more done add a little more time on the front and back sides, but start with 30-60 extra seconds only.

When your time is up take the steaks out of the pan and let them rest for 5 minutes. This is about the amount of time it takes to get your sides on your plate and get it to the table.

Rib eye is the perfect steak for pan searing, it has a hearty flavor and works well in the hot cast iron pan. You can also use this method for other other steaks, pork chops, and chicken. It’s also great with vegetables that have a stronger flavor, like roasted Brussel sprouts or kale or collard greens.

If you want a delicious, satisfying meal without going out to eat, learn how to pan sear rib eye steak. Sometimes it’s more romantic to stay in.

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