Police Are Warning All Women About This New Crime Targeting Them At Gas Stations

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It’s no secret that gas stations are often the target for criminals and thieves. With their late hours, cash registers, and typically small staff, it’s no wonder they’re so regularly victimized.

While these businesses are commonly subjected to things like petty theft and robberies, police are now warning women about a new crime trend they’re seeing take place at gas stations around the globe.

When you see how these criminals are getting away with it, you’ll want to take every precaution you can to protect yourself from becoming a victim yourself…

Everyone has a sense of familiarity with gas stations. Not only do they supply the fuel that gets us from place to place, but they also offer a number of other convenient amenities that we take for granted every day, like snacks.

Unfortunately, they’re also popular targets for criminals. Now that more than 50 percent of the world’s shoplifting crimes takes place at such establishments every single day, police all but expect to find trouble at the pump.

With their late hours, easy access to highways, and their typically small staff, is it really any wonder why we need to be careful while filling up our tanks? Yet, there’s a brand-new trend of dangerous crimes taking place at these businesses that police are saying specifically target women…

While most crimes that take place at gas stations involve petty theft and robbery, this new trend might be even worse. That’s why the authorities want to make sure that everyone knows what to watch out for.

This new crime, which is being referred to as “sliding,” takes aim at the customers—namely women—of these gas stations, as opposed to the businesses themselves. The way it works is seriously concerning.

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