Say Goodbye To Migraine Headaches

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Migraine headaches are not an illness themselves, but rather a symptom of an imbalance. Headaches in general are a symptom of our body being too acidic. But migraine headaches are different and more severe than regular headaches. Again, they are a way for our body to tell us its pH is out of balance. So a way to prevent them is by alkalizing our body, both through the food we eat and through our lifestyle.

The problem with modern diet and lifestyle is that it is extremely hard on our bodies, and this affects our health. Our diets are very acidic, we deal with huge amounts of stress, we do not exercise, sleep or hydrate enough. So provided this kind of treatment, it is no wonder our body screams for help and compassion from us. Pain and migraines are channels our bodies use to call for our attention.

Now here comes another serious problem with the way we treat problems today. When we take medicine to treat a migraine, we are only masking a symptom. But medicine has a very acidifying effect. So that is why the rebound migraine is even worst than the original one. If instead of masking the symptoms, we go to the root of the problem, we will be able to get rid of the problem for good.

So what does prevention mean? It means providing our body with the tools it needs to heal itself and stay healthy. Things like emotional balance, laughter, love and stability are all very important to our health, as they produce alkalizing substances in our body. Exercise, relaxation and sleep are also key factors of health. Hydration, a very underestimated need of ours. 70% of us go through life dehydrated!! We need to drink more water. Water feeds our cells, alkalizes our body, cleanses our system, and keeps us young both inside and out. These are key aspects of an alkalize lifestyle. And lastly, but certainly not least, let’s talk about our diet: alkaline foods!

The main thing lacking in our modern over acidic diets are live enzymes. Enzymes are in charge of enabling all internal functions in our body. Not only are they vital for digestion, they are also necessary for mental functioning, movement, and all metabolic in our body. Our body has the ability to produce a certain amount of enzymes, but it does need plenty more that need to come from our food. The only source of live enzymes are raw fruits and vegetables, and needless to say, most of us do not consume nearly enough of these live foods everyday.

When we alkalize our diet, and increase our consumption of live enzymes not only should our migraines start to decrease, and eventually seize completely, but our overall health will improve dramatically.

When we consume a diet that is mainly acidic, what happens is our body needs to use metabolic enzymes to help with digestion. When the metabolic enzymes originally intended for brain related reactions are lacking because they have been converted into digestive enzymes, we start experiencing migraines. Another cause of migraines, also related to this same subject is when we are not able to fully digest our foods, because of a lack of enzymes or because they are too acidic, these foods turn into toxins in our system. These toxins start moving around in our body producing irritation and inflammation, which translates in pain, and migraines.

During times of higher enzymatic and metabolic demand on our bodies, like pregnancy, we may be more prone to migraines if we do not eat a diet that responds to our body’s needs.

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