Stop Throwing Out Banana Peels Here’s 12 Brilliant Ways To Use Them

It is common sense that banana peels are useless and their place is in the dustbin that is usually placed somewhere in the kitchen or the compound. But did you know that the peels can have a noble task in your day to day life? I know you are surprised, but the truth is there is more than meets the eye. The banana peels have a variety of uses, as revealed in the article below.

Read through and find out the reasons why you will never throw away the peels in the trash bin.

12. Keeping the Meat Tender
If you want to ensure that your meat does not become dry when cooking, you can put some banana peels in the cooking dish and cover it. You will be surprised that the meat will still be tender when fully cooked.

According to Trash Backwards, banana peels ensure that the meat retains flavor and tenderness.


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