Stop Throwing Out Banana Peels Here’s 12 Brilliant Ways To Use Them

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It is common sense that banana peels are useless and their place is in the dustbin that is usually placed somewhere in the kitchen or the compound. But did you know that the peels can have a noble task in your day to day life? I know you are surprised, but the truth is there is more than meets the eye. The banana peels have a variety of uses, as revealed in the article below.

Read through and find out the reasons why you will never throw away the peels in the trash bin.

12. Keeping the Meat Tender
If you want to ensure that your meat does not become dry when cooking, you can put some banana peels in the cooking dish and cover it. You will be surprised that the meat will still be tender when fully cooked.

According to Trash Backwards, banana peels ensure that the meat retains flavor and tenderness.

11. Polishing of Silver
Did you ever imagine that banana peels could be used to polish silver? Most probably, no. The truth is that banana peels contain some acids that assist in getting rid of grime that is responsible for tarnishing the shiny nature of silver.

You don’t need a professional to do this, No! Take the peel and rub it on the part of the silver that you want to shine and see it work.

10. Compost
When banana peels decompose, they produce humus that can be used to enrich the soil with a variety of nutrients. Such soil becomes fertile for farming.

9. Making Vinegar
Banana peels can be used to make vinegar. Well I know you are surprised and you never thought of it. Although the banana peel vinegar may have a slight bitterness, it is sour and sweet at the same time.

8. Treating Bruises
According to Diply, banana peels are useful in treating bruises. The acid in the peels helps in changing the way the bruises appear. Besides, it also helps to reduce the size of the bruise gradually. Leaving the peel on the bruise overnight can fasten the healing process.

7. Acne Treatment
Banana peels have lutein and various vitamins that can effectively reduce the acne on the skin. For this reason, leaving the peels on the face for a night will assist in reducing the face acne. Rub the peel on the face and leave it to work. Knowing how to stop acne is now easy with banana peels.


6 Treating Warts
The banana peels can also be used for wart removal. If you wish to try it, put the banana peel on the area with the wart and hold it in place by use of a bandage. After checking it in the morning, you will notice a reduction of the wart size.

5. Relieving Itch
When you have an insect bite, you can use the peels. They have properties that can relieve you the itch. Rub the area affected with the peel and relax for it to work.

4. Driving Away Pests
It is incredible that the peels can also be used to get rid of garden pests. You only need to shred the peels into pieces or consider burying them on the garden, and your problem is gone. It is best I fighting aphids.

3. Banana Peel Teeth Whitening
Well, I know you are scratching your head wondering how on earth banana peels can whiten teeth. But the truth is that if you rub the peels of bananas on your teeth twice a day, you will enjoy a brighter smile. If you have doubts, give teeth bleaching a trial with banana peels and confirm it.

2. Shoe Shining
If you are disappointed by a new pair of shoes that cost you a fortune and they are no longer appealing, you can give them a natural remedy by use of banana peels. Just rub the peel on them and see them glow once again.

1. Getting Rid of Splinter
Removing splinter is quite a challenge. But imagine you can do it easily by use of a mere banana peel! Just secure the peel on the splinter and hold it in place by use of tape.

The enzymes on the peel will work after a few hours, and you will not believe the power of the banana peel that you treat like trash.

Other uses of banana peels include wrinkle removal by use of banana face mask for wrinkles removal and remove stains as well

You now know how to use the banana peels, don’t you? You should not just throw away the peel. Maximize it and see the difference.

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