The Cat Is Going Up Or Down The Stairs? Your Choice Will Reveal Your True Self

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Art is an expression of human imagination and creativity which engages the senses and connects people. There are various types of artistic works and all of them convey either some hidden message or they reflect the artists’ emotions, beliefs and thoughts.

However, art is not always a mirror of the artist’s emotional response and what it really portrays depends on our personal perspective. Most often, the way we interpret some works of art can reveal a lot about our personality.

Look at the pictures below and find out what your interpretation says about your true self.

Do you think the cat is going up or down the stairs? The latter one means that you are either a strongly intuitive or a very attentive person. You inspect every situation thoroughly and you always rely on your reason when you have to deal with your problems.

• If you think the cat is ascending, you are probably an inattentive person and you fail to notice the details. It may also mean that you are naïve or disorganized. But, you have enthusiasm which frees you from the worry and distrust.

• Do you see a woman in this picture? If yes, then you probably lack some wisdom and judgment, so you fail to notice potential problems and dangers.

• If you see a skull it means that you are probably a skeptical person and you accept the reality as it is. You understand that everything that happens in life is temporary and nothing lasts forever.

• If you see an old woman in this picture it means that you are a critical thinker with a lot of experience. You also have a tendency to address your problems after you have seen them from different angles.

• If you see a young woman, it implies that you are an optimistic person but sometimes you act on instinct and without forethought.

• Do you see a duck or rabbit? The first one implies that the right hemisphere of your brain is more active than the left one. This signifies that you are a self-reliant and independent individual.

• If you see a rabbit, it means that your left hemisphere dominates over the right one and it indicates that you are more technically minded rather than caring person.

• Some people can see both the duck and the rabbit at the same time, so if you are one of them, it means that you have an outstanding creativity and a powerful imagination.

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