What Will Happen When You Put A Bottle Of Water Beside Your Cell Phone

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Do you struggle to receive the proper amount of signal when you are using your cell phone? If so, this story can provide you with a much needed hack, so that you can steer clear of this problem once and for all. This is the type of story that proves just how important the concept of accidental discovery can be.

For those who are familiar with the bottle flipping craze that has swept social media, Jordan managed to stumble into this hack during this challenge. He believes that no one deserves to have choppy service and decided to show people how to rig up a proper solution to this problem.

All you need is a regular everyday water bottle and this bottle only needs to stand still in order to work its magic. Put the phone down on a flat surface and set the bottle of water near the top of the device. From there, simply put the phone on airplane mode and allow it to block the WiFi signal.
Leave airplane mode on for a few moments before turning it back off again. By utilizing this mode, you allow the phone to find a tower that is close by and improve your call clarity in the process. Jordan has also created a helpful video to assist you in the process.

We are beyond happy that Jordan saw fit to provide this hack, as it allows many of us to overcome a problem that is all too common nowadays. There are a number of reasons why a phone will struggle to receive reception during crucial moments and thanks to this video, these problems are now a thing of the past.



Sharing is caring!

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