10 Unexpected Uses for Coffee Filters

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There are a lot of uses for coffee filters around the house. Some of these uses are for new filters (buy them as cheap as you can) and others are for used coffee filters.

The beauty with coffee filters is they can generally be reused more times than, say, a paper towel and they leave no lint at all. I try not to use paper when cloth will do, but there are some jobs where a cloth just won’t work.

Alternate uses (and re-uses) for coffee filters

1. Microwaving

I put them over food when I’m heating stuff in the microwave. For me it comes out to be cheaper than napkins or paper towels, but do your own math – it all depends what’s available in your area. Just rinse and re-use them for the same purpose again.

2. Storing fragile items

Put coffee filters between plates, cookware or old records – anything you want to stack without scratching.

3. Cleaning glass

They’re great for cleaning glass because they leave no lint behind. This includes TVs and monitors. Keep them in the car for cleaning the inside of the windows.

4. Strain frying oil or bacon drippings

The coffee filter will catch the crud and let the good stuff go through.

5. Remove nail polish

Coffee filters are perfect for removing nail polish. You can use them many more times than a cotton ball or pad.

Sharing is caring!

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