10 Unexpected Uses for Coffee Filters

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6. Remove sediment from wine.

Older bottles of wine may collect sediment, including dead yeast cells, bits of grape, and phenolic molecules. You can remove sediment and rid the wine of any grittiness by filtering it out through an unbleached coffee filter.

7. Freshen your clothes.

Because they’re so absorbent and filtering, coffee filters can be turned into homemade dryer sheets. Simply grab your favorite liquid fabric softener and rub about 1 to 2 teaspoons all over the filter. Smooth it out, and toss it in for fresh, soft fabrics.

8. Whip up yummy yogurt dip.

With any regular jar, place a coffee filter on-top and use a rubber band to secure it. Slow pour eight ounces of yogurt onto the filter and let drain for about an hour. Meanwhile, prepare one small minced garlic clove and one tablespoon of fresh parsley. In a bowl, mix the thickened yogurt with the garlic and parsley, and add salt and pepper to taste. Grab your favorite crackers and enjoy!

9. Flavour soups and stews with coffee filter bags

Add an extra oomph of flavour to soups, stews and other home cooked food by creating a seasoning bag.

Use coffee filters to hold a variety of your favourite herbs and spices, tie with cooking string and then attach onto the handles of your pots. Gently lower them into the pan, and remove when finished for easy seasoning.

10. Clean tv, phone and laptop screens flawlessly

Screens are one of the most difficult things to get clean, unless you use a coffee filter, that is.

Their soft texture and natural composition meant they buff marks flawlessly and don’t leave any lint debris behind.

Keep in mind that for some of these uses, the filter can be re-used again and again! They’re a lot tougher and versatile than you might think!

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