10 ways to boost your immune system and keep ahead of the winter bugs

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5. Keep up the exercise.

Don’t let the cold or rain put a stop to your routine. Pull on your warm gear and take yourself, the family and a dog for a brisk walk. Buy a brolly and do a Gene Kelly [dance in the rain]. Get fresh air in your lungs and you will feel awesome afterwards. For the days where you really can’t get outdoors take up dancing around the living room for 20 minutes. Do what makes you feel good, but do something. Keeping fit boosts your immunity and encourages good sleep.

6. Have a proper rest.

When you get tired you’re at the greatest risk of compromising your immune system, and that is an open invitation to colds, flus and infections. Keep regular sleep habits and aim for a good 7-8 hours a night.

7. Keep clean.

Other people leave their germs behind. So wash your hands often, and well. In the event there is no water, try rubbing few drops of Eucalyptus onto your hands. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth as much as possible throughout the day.

8. Keep hydrated.

Cold and wet it may be, but you still need plenty of fluid. If you do start to catch a cold, make sure you combine plenty if water with some zinc, vitamin c and echinacea to help tackle the symptoms.

9. Look after your mental health.

Stay social. In the cold dark months, it can feel easier to stay home but it can also be a bit isolating, especially if you are not going out to work. Keep connected and reach out if you’re feeling a bit lonely.

10. Have some fun making plans.

Create a list of everything you want to do in the spring. Get excited about it. Make some new goals with the family and start taking steps to get ready to rock when spring arrives.

Sharing is caring!

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