Attention, Parents! You Might Want To Hold On To Your Kids’ Baby Teeth

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When your children start to lose their teeth, you tend to play the Tooth Fairy and take those teeth, and place money in its place for your children to have. You might hold on to the first tooth they lose for sentimental reasons and throw the rest of the baby teeth away. However, you should definitely hold on to all of your kids’ baby teeth, and not for sentimental value either. Keep reading to find out why!

Once your child starts losing their teeth, you will need to speak to their dentist about holding their teeth in a storage bank. Why? The reason for this may shock you but these teeth of your children have life saving stem cells in them. Once they grow up and if they end up with a disease such as Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, and even certain cancers, the stem cells in their teeth may be able to save their lives.

So, next time your child starts losing their teeth, make sure to talk to your dentist about storing them properly. They have to be stored right or the stem cells in them may not work properly when it comes time to saving your kids life, if that time ever comes, but let’s hope it doesn’t. But, if it ever does, at least your child won’t have to sit around waiting on a bone marrow donor and possibly die while waiting because they will have the stem cells inside their baby teeth that were stored correctly to use to save their lives!

Sharing is caring!

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