If you have a baby and use scented candles – you need to read about the risks!

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Most of us like having a beautifully smelling home and who can blame us? Filling our home with breathtaking fragrances that create a homely ambience after a tiring day at work is something that is done by many. It is a chance to relax and unwind as you have a coffee or a drink.

However, next time you light these scented candles, make sure you aware of all the associated risks…

Meghan Budden is the mother of baby Jimmy. As she was breastfeeding him, she noticed that he had developed some black dots in his nostril. Despite her efforts to clean up these dark spots, they remained which caused her to become worried.

Meghan then recalled that she had burnt her candles for over three hours the night before despite the warning notice placed on the candles which warned from burning the candles for over three hours.

Meghan had in fact burn the candles for approximately 6 hours leading to the black soot to be spread across the room and hitting her son Jimmy as he breathed it in for the whole duration.

Due to the size of these dark dots, they are hardly noticeable so are not a cause for a concern for many. However, the health risks associated with them due to the toxins that they carry can lead to contracting serious illnesses. According to an environmental pollutant expert at the University of Melbourne – Anne Steinemann – scented candles can lead to “damage to the brain, lung and central nervous system, as well as cause developmental difficulties.”

This is certainly not something that any mother would want her baby subjected to.

This issue is more widespread that we think. According to Cashins and Associates, there are approximately 20,000 deaths a year in the USA due to the soot that is expelled from scented candles. To limit its damaging impact “sooting can be reduced by keeping candle wicks short, drafts to a minimum, and burning unscented candles.” Anne Steinemann recommends.

Meghan’s quick realization of the impact of the candles led to her potentially saving little Jimmy’s life.

Watch this video to learn more about the risks of scented candles

We hope that this article and video can be shared to parents to raise awareness on this rarely known problem. Make you sure you show this to your friends and family that regularly use scented candles!

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