Homemade Brown Sugar

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Brown sugar is a staple everyone uses and inevitability runs out of at the most awkward times.  Don’t worry.  There are only two staples you need to keep on hand and you will never run out of brown sugar again.

To make one cup of brown sugar all you need is the following:  one cup of sugar and one tablespoon of molasses.

Using a fork, which I find easy to use, mix and mix and mix until all the sugar has turned brown.  Keep mixing don’t give up it will all combine.  TaDa!  You now have one cup of brown sugar.

My canister holds four cups of brown sugar, so that is how much I make at a time.

TIP:  If you want dark brown sugar just add more molasses.

How easy is that.  Never run out of brown sugar again.  You’re welcome!  ENJOY!

Sharing is caring!

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