If You are Drinking Soy Milk, then Stop Right Now!

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If You are Drinking Soy Milk, then Stop Right Now!
Soy milk is a beverage that some people binge on, especially people who are into sports and other rigorous exercises. Some claims that soy milk can help in the energy and muscle strength and growth. Soy milk is also used by people who are lactose intolerant. However, there are many studies that prove soy milk is not ideal to be regular beverage. Here are a few things that you might get when you drink soy milk regularly.

1 – Soy Milk Contains Phytic Acid

There are good nutrients, then there are anti-nutrients, and phytic acid is one of these anti-nutrients. Although phytic acid does provide some benefits such as antioxidants and can lower blood sugar, it can also bind minerals. As phytic acid binds the minerals, the body will have a hard time utilizing the bound minerals. The most common minerals that phytic binds are calcium, zinc and magnesium.

2 – Soy Milk Contains Calcium Carbonate

Even though it is called milk, soy milk does not have the same type and amount of calcium. Most of the time, soy milk contains more calcium than regular milk, and it is not good news. Excess calcium will not be absorbed by the body and may form calcium carbonate in the body. Calcium in soy milk also lacks some components such as Vitamin K2 which is important for the body in absorbing calcium.

3 – Vitamins in Soy Milk is Not All Healthy

Yes, there are vitamins that are not at all important or cannot be used by the body. One example is Vitamin D2 which is present in soy milk. Unlike D3, D2 is considered as a synthetic and isolated type of vitamin. Because of this, the body does not absorb the Vitamin D2 properly. Another is the synthetic vitamin present in soy milk is Vitamin A. Vitamin A is only added to soy milk and lacks others components that are essential in helping the body absorb Vitamin A.

4 – Soy Protein Isolate

Most soy are genetically modified, so you will expect more synthetic components rather than whole ones. This holds true even for protein. The production of soy milk includes many processes, and some include procedures involving chemicals. One result of these chemical formulations is protein isolate. Protein isolate can cause heart diseases, breathing issues and even cancer.

5 – Soy Causes Allergies

As mentioned above, there are harmful protein found in soy milk which can cause mild to life threatening health issues. One issues is very common- allergy. Soy milk allergy is triggered by the incomplete protein it contain because our body attacks it instead of absorbing it. Although soy allergies are often harmless, it can still escalate and be deadly. Some signs you might want to look for when you are (still) drinking soy milk are redness of the skin, abdominal pain and runny nose.
Yes, soy milk can be a great beverage for some, but it still does not and cannot beat the whole milk. If you prefer to drink soy milk, remember that it should be on a minimum amount, otherwise the effort of finding all these dangers in soy milk will be in vain.

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