Mom Sells Stillborn Son’s Crib At Garage Sale — 1 Week Later, Buyer Returns And Asks Her To Look In His Car

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In Cokato, Minnesota, Valerie Watts had prepared for the birth of her baby boy, Noah.

She had purchased toys, a crib, and baby toys, but when she was just a few days away from her due date, the doctors told her she was carrying a stillborn. How devastating!

Eventually, Valerie decided to sell the baby crib and all the baby items she had purchased at a garage sale.

An elderly man named Gerald took the baby crib because as it turns out he restores furniture and thought he could use the crib.

He could tell Valerie wasn’t too keen on selling it though – he had no idea that Valerie had lost Noah.

Valerie eventually told Gerald’s wife about losing Noah and then sold the crib to the couple.

Watch the video below – and grab a tissue!

Yes, when Gerald learned what had happened, he decided to turn the unused crib into a bench – a memorial for Noah.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

Don’t forget to share away, people. Rest in peace Noah.

Sharing is caring!

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