Stop buying avocados. Here’s how you can grow an avocado tree in a small pot at home

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One of the recent staples of modern healthy diets is the avocado. The tasty bowl of guacamole can be your next favorite guilt-free snack due to the presence of this healthy fruit.

The numerous health benefits of avocados have been taking the health-conscious community by storm. This fruit is loaded with essential vitamins like vitamin B5, B6, C, K, E, potassium, etc. Avocadoes are as well excellent source of fiber, and have been said to possess a similar fatty acid known as “heart healthy” found in olive oil.

Due to its versatility in the kitchen, the popularity of avocadoes has continued to rise. They can be easily included in any dish to enrich the color, or to replace a less-healthy choices by not changing the taste of the meal.

We explain how to grow your own avocados in few simple steps, without needing a whole backyard


Take your avocado seed and stick four toothpicks into it. Make sure they are placed at about halfway down from the top and at an equal distance. The toothpicks should be nice and even since they will help suspend the seed.

Then, place the avocado seed in a cup of water so that its dimpled end is soaking in an inch of water. Use the toothpicks as presented in the image below.

Allow the seed soak for two to six weeks in a warm place and away from direct sunlight.

During this time, you should see roots and stem sprout. When the stem becomes 6-inch long, cut it back to three inches. Allow the roots to thicken and the leaves to grow.


Fill a 10-inch diameter pot with a nutrient-rich soil. Plant the seed in a small hole made in the center of the soil, making sure its roots are in the soil and half of it is exposed. For plenty of drainage, you can use a terra-cotta pot with a hole in the bottom.

Keep the soil moist without over-saturating it, by making sure you water your seed generously and regularly. If the leaves start to color yellow or droop, allow your seed some time to dry out, and then continue watering with smaller amount. If the leaves color brown and dry, then you are probably not watering your avocado enough. Place the pot in the sink and allow the water run through it gently for some moments, making sure your plant is fully drained.


You made it! Continue watering your avocado, and you should notice fruits start forming, although this will take a long period.

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