The Strongest Women Are The Women With Anxiety

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She’s been battling her anxiety for quite some time and she continues to do so with bravery. She’s not a victim of her mental struggle, because she knows in her heart that she’s so much more than the demons that live in her mind.

She’s learned to hold her head up high when the chaos in her mind consumes her, so the word weakness is practically not in her vocabulary. She’s a strong girl because she manages to survive the battlefield that is her life, dealing with a mental illness that takes a lot of courage to tame and survive on a daily basis.

She manages to function, because she’s tried every coping mechanism possible and she has found ways that help her calm her anxious heart. She pushes forward with determination.

She knows how important it is to not give up, because she’s got so much to give and she can’t allow her condition to dictate her life. She has goals and dreams like everyone else, and all she want is to be able to be herself.

Yes, her anxiety plays tricks on her and sometimes it wins, but for the most part she’s able to tap into her inner strength, fight back, and quickly get back on her feet.

Battling with anxiety takes the life out of her, but she doesn’t give up on herself. The days she feels like drowning are hard to get through, but her heart knows that it’s only temporary and she rides the wave as best she can until the apprehension and the fear that are incessantly gnawing in her mind slowly disappear.

She’s the strongest girl because even when it’s pitch black in her mind and her palms are sweaty, she grabs onto hope, takes a deep breath and waits for the light to come back and guide her out of the darkness.

She’s strong-willed, intelligent and brave and even when she feels that she can’t handle what anxiety throws at her, her heart whispers in her ear and reminds her how important she is to this world and to every single person that love her.

Her goal is to never take the easy way out, she shows up for herself every day and pushes through, because she’s her own hero. As hard as it might be sometimes, she refuses to give her anxiety power.

She might give in sometimes but she knows that she’s so much more than her anxiety and she won’t let her define her. It takes a lot of inner power and resilience to navigate the world when anxiety is constantly following your every step.

She knows that she cannot give up, because she knows that her bravery will conquer her anxiety if she continues to show up for herself every day.

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