6 Things Cheaters Do to Hide Affairs

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Cheaters often are experienced and hard to catch without tactics.

Here are lists of some of the things they do to hide their affairs.

Now of course sometimes these things happen for real, so don’t confuse these with the proof they have been cheating.

Below are some things they say to explain where they were :

They have to work late.

They have to go out of town on a business trip.

They have a friend who needs their help

They are going out with their friends.

They are going to play sports.

They are going to a family member’s house.

Below are some things they do to try and cover things up.

  1. They hide things such as notes or gifts.
  2. They change their clothes to cover up scents.
  3. They lie about where they were.
  4. They are more attentive to you.
  5. They have sex with you out of guilt.

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