11 Common Mistakes Cheaters Make

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I have noticed over the years that cheaters make quite a few mistakes. Usually, mistakes are unintentional. But sometimes cheaters make these mistakes because they simply want to get caught.

Below are some mistakes that many cheaters make.

  1. They forget about a love note left their pocket.
  2. They come home smelling of their lover’s perfume or cologne.
  3. They are too protective of their purse or wallet.
  4. They come home wearing different clothes than when they left.
  5. They choose too many different excuses too often.
  6. They forget about detailed cell-phone bills.
  7. They spend too much money on their affair, less on bills.
  8. They come home smelling of smoke, but they don’t smoke.
  9. They call you the wrong name accidentally.
  10. They use a friend as an excuse but don’t tell the friend.
  11. They forget about the caller ID and redial button.

Now here are some things you can do to detect these mistakes.

  1. Check ALL of their pockets daily when they aren’t around.
  2. Make sure you take a good whiff of them each day.
  3. Check their purse or wallet daily, looking for anything hidden.
  4. Notice what they are wearing when they leave, then compare later.
  5. Investigate all excuses and make sure they check out.
  6. Check every call line-by-line of their cell phone bill for unusual calls.
  7. Keep track of how much money they have and what they ‘ve spent.
  8. Ask them if they have been smoking. Watch their reaction.
  9. If they call you the wrong name, say, I ‘ve known for a while.
  10. When they give a friend as an excuse, call the friend and ask.
  11. Check your caller ID and utilize redial after suspicious calls.

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