How to Tell if Your Cheating Spouse is Lying ?

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Not all cheaters are good liars. Many do things that should immediately tip you off that something is wrong. Imagine yourself in a conversation with your spouse.

Now ask them a question such as “Why were you late?” Their body language should help in telling you the answer.

  1. They touch their nose often. Research suggests that internal nose tissues swell with blood when one lies. If your spouse touches their nose a lot when you are communicating, then there is likely a problem.
  2. They avoid looking directly at you. Lying takes concentration and makes one suddenly divert their line of sight.
  3. They stare at you too much. They do this to make sure you believe them but think about it. Do you look at someone constantly if you are telling the truth?
  4. They lean forward and get close. Closeness is usually a sign of trust. But sometimes it can be a sign of deceit. They try to exaggerate how close you are by leaning forward when they lie.
  5. They pull their earlobe. Some police forces are trained to watch for this very mistake when interrogating criminals.
  6. They give you too much information. Their stories are too complex, structured, polished or complete.
  7. They tend to give you multiple “reasons”. If they were honest, they would have the confidence to give just one reason.
  8. They stumble in their speech. They make mistakes in the story and try to cover it and it causes them to stumble in their speech.
  9. They use “um ” and “uh” more than normal. This especially holds true in a situation where they have to think of lies quickly.
  10. They are hesitant at the start of a sentence. This is typical in the same situation as #9. They have to come up with lies fast and they hesitate.

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