8 Surprising Alternative uses of Listerine

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#2. Great for infected feet

Listerine has some really cool ingredients that keep everything fresh and smelling really good. So why don’t you try them on your smelly or otherwise infected feet? Mom’s Kitchen suggests this perfect mix:

  • 1 cup warm water
  • ¼ cup vinegar
  • ¼ cup Listerine

Just mix them up on a basin and dip your feet for 10-20 minutes and that’s it! You can omit vinegar if it’s just for freshening up your feet, but if you have athletes foot or other fungal infections, then you should definitely try out Mom’s kitchen’s suggested potion.

#1. Lice

Listerine is also an effective home remedy for lice. There are many ways to do this but a healthy and natural World had a simple method we thought to be very effective. Soak the bug-infested head in a Listerine and let the Listerine gather for about an hour. Now to rinse out the head you need warm water and white vinegar. Massage these two mixtures in the head and then again let it rest for about an hour. After one hour, carefully wash the hair with shampoo and comb to remove any dead lice eggs and lice shells.

Listerine has been a part of us since the 1800s. But it wasn’t until later that it became a popular mouthwash. However, if you take advantage of all these alternative uses of Listerine, your mouthwash will be quite useful now more than ever.

What are your thoughts? Tell us other amazing uses you’ve discovered with Listerine and don’t forget to share these ones on social media.

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