Keep Wasps Away with a Brown Paper Bag

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Nothing can ruin a cookout or picnic like a bunch of wasps crashing the party. But luckily, thanks to HouseholdHacker, we’ve got a simple solution for keeping wasps at bay. All it takes is a brown paper bag and some newspapers. Take a look:

This super-simple trick deters wasps because when wasps see other wasp nests, they stay away to avoid confrontation (we’re guessing this is true as we’ve never seen a wasp melee). And what’s great about this trick is that almost everyone reading this post has what it takes to mimic a wasp next somewhere in their own home.

Curious as to what wasp nests look like? Maybe not if you’re reading this post because you have a wasp problem and thus see their nest, but for those of you who want to see what they look like (or just like looking at wasp nests), you can view one here.

Sharing is caring!

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