What is the reason for the pocket in women’s underwear?

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A variety of ordinary things have hidden or subtle significance. For example, did you know that the small holes found in locks allow water to drain through without interfering with the locking mechanism? Did you know that the holes at the ends of pot handles were meant to be used as a resting spot for your spoon? Isn’t it amusing? Anyway, the secret meaning we’ll be discussing today is the small pockets in the crotch portion of female underwear.

You may not have noticed your underwear includes this small pocket, but it most likely does! While your initial instinct may be to use it to conceal or store anything, this is not the case. First and foremost, the small pocket region is known as a “gusset,” and it may be found in both female and male underwear. The gusset was created to improve the comfort and durability of underwear, as well as to provide a sanitary function for women.

The true purpose for this pocket, however, is largely for “lazy” reasons. Not stitching the single seam on this pocket saves time throughout the production process. Even if not stitching this seam saves 10 seconds of production time each pair of underwear, this certainly adds up and saves manufacturers money in the long run.

This one seam is nearly typically left open in cheaper underwear, making the pocket. More costly underwear, on the other hand, will almost certainly have both ends sewed up, which is why you’ll rarely notice a pocket. Anyway, this is simply one of those weird yet slightly intriguing facts we wanted to share with you!

Sharing is caring!

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