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How To Cook An Omelette

What is more yummy than a freshly cooked omelette?! Not much, according to the fans of this humble but delicious food. Even better, omelettes are easy and quick to cook. Here’s how to cook an omelette: Alternatives to this “folded” omelette cooking method include the flat omelette. To make a flat omelette, beat eggs in

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How to Use Fresh Ginger

I have people ask me all the time how I use fresh ginger. I remember being baffled by this weird root when I was younger. I would see it in the grocery store but didn’t know how to use it. I am here today to demystify how to use fresh ginger. It is so easy,

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Making a homemade non stick pan

In the hotel industry many of the old style hotels would never purchase non stick pans, one reason was in the “old days” they did not exist and another was that for heavy usage they would never last long. They would get scratched, dented, burnt, broken, smashed and even stolen, so to avoid this they

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